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INDECENT (NECROPHILIA) PROPOSAL: Woman Mapp Claimed To Be Sleeping With Died 20 Years Ago And Was Buried At Sea: Son Says

BEAUTIFUL THOMIAN FAMILY: The family of Patrick Deery on St. Thomas. This wholesome family was brought into an unfortunate Facebook controversy with the sleazy, drunken Gov. Kenneth Mapp.

COAKLEY BAY — The St. Thomas woman Gov. Kenneth Mapp claimed to be sleeping with in a drunken Facebook post this weekend died at least 20 years ago, the Virgin Islands Free Press has confirmed.

Patrick Deery, whose mother Ormande Deery lived in St. Thomas for more than 60 years, died in 1998 and was buried at sea in Virgin Islands waters, her son told the V.I. Free Press today.

In the Facebook group “What’s Happening St. Thomas” Mapp replied to a query from Deery about where he was sleeping: “Wit ur mudda (ENGLISH TRANSLATION: with your mother).”

Within minutes of the V.I. Freep publishing its story about Mapp’s “Indecent (Necrophilia) Proposal,” Government House issued a quick statement stating that tonight’s scheduled press conference with the governor was canceled.

“Governor Kenneth E. Mapp has rescheduled tonight’s news conference for 6 p.m. on Monday, December 4, at Government House, St. Croix, where he will update the public on the territory’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria,” a Government House flunkie wrote.

Asked to characterize the governor’s comments about his long dead mother, Deery said: “Totally uncalled for, especially for a leader of people (?)”

Deery said that his father Col. S.J. Deery founded the West Indies Corporation in the 1950’s and served on many boards and commissions in the Virgin Islands, including the Lottery Commission.

He said that his father and mother were each buried at sea off of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Patrick Deery is a combat veteran of the United States Air Force, worked in the USAF Office of Special Investigations and founded St. Thomas Rescue.

Mapp did not serve in the U.S. military.

The social media Crucian vs. Thomian confusion started Sunday morning in the Facebook group when Lyn Shoemaker said that Mapp’s former $20,000-per-month villa at Estate Nazareth was violating the generator curfew in effect for the territory.

Some in the Facebook group accused Shoemaker, who runs the Golden Age horse rescue ranch in Smith Bay, of trying to embarrass Mapp because she linked him to his controversial former official residence in St. Thomas.

Shoemaker insisted, though, that her only concern was the improper generator use, and not Mapp’s current digs. Still, he couldn’t resist trying to dig Deery and Shoemaker on Facebook.

“Why ah yo so?(ENGLISH: Why do all of you [white people] act so?)” Mapp asked in the Facebook comment thread. “Everyone knows I have not been in that home since May 2015. Just gotta criticize even when u know what u saying ain’t true. Sounds like a screw on the top floor loose. New executive order: free 4″ screwdrivers till noon on Monday.”

Shoemaker replied: “I never said you lived there now!!!” she said. “In fact I specifically stated you were no longer there! Please enforce the law. That generator going 24/7 is a nightmare! Please!”

The Facebook thread in “What’s Going On St. Thomas” was invisible to the V.I. Free Press because publisher John McCarthy was banned from the group after posting a story in October that the pace of hurricane recovery was going faster in St. Thomas than on St. Croix.

Asked about the Facebook conflagration on Wednesday, Shoemaker told the Virgin Islands Free Press: “Never did I imagine a simple question regarding a generator curfew would escalate to this! The worst part are all the racial overtones.”

In the dispute from last month with Herb Schoenbohm, Mapp insisted that he never actually cursed because he told his former Republican colleague to go “$%*&#” himself, leaving room for interpretation as to what word he was using there.

Mapp lives in an air-conditioned condominium at Coakley Bay on St. Croix that never loses power unless hit by a Category 5 storm.

The governor is by all accounts a closeted gay man and would not sleep with any woman — living or dead.

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John McCarthy

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