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INSIDE INFO! VIPD Investigation Into Whether Erik Jefferson Is A Dirty Cop Who Allegedly Planned Armed Robbery With Three Suspects Beforehand!

PUNKY BREWSTER: Virgin Islands Police Department officer Erik “YP” Jefferson as a contestant in a VIPD police beauty pageant from 2015. Jefferson finished first runner-up in the competition.

MID-ISLAND, ST. CROIX — Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) officer Erik Jefferson allegedly masterminded the assault weapon three-gun hold-up of a privately-owned St. Croix Automatic Teller Machine company that took place on Friday.

That’s the startling allegation that the Virgin Islands Free Press has been told by VIPD investigators on the case of Catherine Willey, who was held-up at gunpoint by three young men on Friday morning in broad daylight.

Police knew from the participants of the gunpoint carjacking robbery that they were interested in Willey because she was carrying enough money in cash to re-load the cartridges in the ATM machines she owns island-wide.

What they didn’t know is that Jefferson not only tipped them off where they’d be at the appointed time — the VIPD officer also strategized with them beforehand on the planning of the heist and even went so far as to recommend what type of weapons to use during the robbery and where would be the best place to “cut them off” in traffic on St. Croix.

“Erik Jefferson is the lowest form of law enforcement officer — a dirty cop after a big payday,” a source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Jefferson not only planned the robbery, he even showed the robbers where to shoot him on his leg so that he’d have the least amount of damage — while trying to throw off police investigators pouring over the details in the case.”

Willey and Jefferson were released from the Juan F. Luis Hospital on St. Croix this weekend. Willey sustained a gunshot wound to her left shoulder — shattering the bone in four places — and was also shot in the stomach. Jefferson had a “flesh” wound to his leg.

The VIPD officer, acting as a security guard-bodyguard to Willey, never fired a shot at the two men and one boy who held them up at gunpoint on December 15 near Villa La Reine Shopping Center, further showing his allegiance to the successful robbers.

“Jefferson had promised them before the heist that he would not shoot them,” the source said. “That was a condition the robbers had set for him. He was on their side but in order to show he was not he had instructed them to shoot him in a non-life-threatening way. He ratted out Willey to his accomplices — gave them all the details that they would need to conduct a successful armed robbery.”

The three armed bandits, including Luis Fraticelli, 21, and Hansel Castillo, 27, and a minor made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the heist.

But they were undone when police noticed the stolen car that had been used in the robbery and the suspicious person near it — the minor boy accused in the crime gave up Fraticelli and Castillo. The source would not say which of the three gave up Jefferson.

“Two things went wrong it that robbery,” a source familiar with police investigations told the V.I. Free Press. “Jefferson had been working for Catherine (Willey) for a while, so he wouldn’t immediately be a suspect. Willey was supposed to die so she couldn’t testify against them — and the cash was supposed to be hidden where the police couldn’t find it.”

The source familiar with police investigations on the U.S. mainland said that the end of this story would likely have been grimmer if all had gone according to “corrupt” Jefferson’s plan.

“What the men and boy don’t realize is that Jefferson’s share of the proceeds of the crime would have risen as each suspect began to mysteriously disappear,” they said. “Those criminals don’t know that if Willey had died, nothing would prevent Jefferson from picking them off one at a time at his leisure — they were marked for death one way or another.”

Meanwhile, the source said that Jefferson should be suspended right now by the VIPD because he is a threat to his fellow officers and the public at large.

“Once this story is published, everyone is going to know that Erik Jefferson stands accused of being a dirty cop,” the source said. “This is going to make him very nervous and jittery. He could cause an automobile accident at the very least. Delroy Richards if he had one ounce of goodness in him should suspend this outlaw cop right away — let the trial go forward and the chips fall where they may — but don’t let Jefferson roam freely now. If he is an official police suspect, the department must hold him accountable to justice and put him in police custody — for his protection and ours.”

According to Facebook, Erik “YP” Jefferson finished first runner-up in the 2015 “Mr. and Mrs. VIPD” beauty pageant held at police headquarters with Police Commissioner Delroy Richards Sr. in the audience.

The first-place winner of the beauty pageant, off-duty VIPD Detective Moses President was shot by fellow police officers at the Front Line Bar & Restaurant in Estate Calquohoun in May.

In August, Moses President filed a federal lawsuit against the VIPD, Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) and the local government because he specifically informed the 911 Emergency Call Center that he was on the scene in plain clothes and his fellow VIPD officers shot him just the same in a so-called “friendly fire” incident.

Police Commissioner Delroy Richards Sr. and VIPD spokesman Glen Dratte declined to immediately return messages seeking comment on this story.

In fact, Richards and Dratte do not communicate with the V.I. Freep at all.

“Richards has never been successful in any job he’s ever held,” another source said. “He’s just like (Gov. Kenneth) Mapp. When something goes wrong. He pretends he didn’t know and that it is completely someone else’s fault.”

Jefferson himself, reading the Virgin Islands Free Press article on Facebook Wednesday had this brash comment:

“Wow, y’all really sit here and think this stupidness out?!” the VIPD officer wrote on Facebook. “It took everything in me to remain calm. [Jefferson posted two pictures of John McCarthy on Facebook]. If you all don’t know this is the guy for the infamous V.I. Free Press. He has slandered my name and came up with this oh so interesting story about how I set MYSELF and a good friend of mine to be robbed and shot. Any one who knows me knows that I am WAAAY better than that. IGNORANT.”

THE WINNER AND THE SHOT: Detective Moses President won the VIPD police department’s beauty pageant in 2015 — Officer Erik Jefferson was the runner-up in the beauty contest.

BRASH RESPONSE: VIPD Officer Erik Jefferson responds on social media to the V.I. Free Press report.



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