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  Chuck Todd attempted to rectify his awful show from last week by pretending to be tough on the Governor of Louisiana. He accuses Jindal of pandering to the audience by claiming that his kids just LOVE the Iowa State Fair. That was the brunt of his toughness towards Governor

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  Latinos that were supposed to be part of Miss USA 2015 are continuing to drop. Following Univision’s announcement that they would not air the Spanish simulcast of beauty pageant next month, hosts Cristián De La Fuente and Roselyn Sanchez also quit their hosting duties and J Balvin also opted

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  Like Greece, the Puerto Rican government has more debt than it can service, and some are calling for a bailout by U.S. taxpayers. The major Puerto Rican state-owned or controlled enterprises are all losing money, including the power authority which is insolvent. Puerto Rico is an American territory that

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The highest court in Massachusetts on Thursday set legal guidelines for when and how parents can use spanking to discipline their children, the Associated Press reports. This is the first time legal guidelines for corporal punishment have ever been established. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court said a parent or guardian

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