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Couple Kidnapped At Knifepoint, Robbers Attempt to Rob The Man and Rape The Woman


    Super Tank Gas Station at Sunny Isle

CHRISTIANSTED – Police on St. Croix said they received a report of kidnapping for attempted robbery and rape at 1:14 a.m. Friday September 18 and were dispatched to meet with one of the victims at the Super Tank Gas Station in Sunny Isles, according to the Virgin Islands Police Department.

A man told police that he and his female companion were leaving Mutual Homes at 12:19 a.m. when two unknown black men “accosted” them with knives, the VIPD said.

The men told the couple that they wanted money and took them towards their vehicle (a brown Ford Expedition, bearing plate no. CDZ-609) began physically assaulting the pair as they turned-over what little cash they had, as the suspects forced them into the vehicle at knife-point, according to police.

The victims stated that the suspects took the couple towards Northside in Frederiksted and attempted to rape the female victim. The suspects then drove the couple to First Bank in the Sunny Isles Shopping Center and demanded the male victim to withdraw money from the ATM, police said.

The man who was being robbed stated that he was so nervous that he dropped the card and when the robber bent to retrieve it, he ran away. The man said the robber got into the vehicle with his female companion and the other robber and they drove off. The man who was kidnapped then phoned 911.
Police then received notification from the 911 Emergency Call Center that the woman was in the Estate St. John area in close proximity of the grocery store along North Side Road. She was located and transported to the Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center for treatment.

The men were described as being two young black men, each having dark complexions. The older of the two wore a nylon cap that covered his dreadlocks and wore a dark brown shirt with green short military pants while the younger of the two had short hair, was clean-shaven and wore black slippers.

The robbery and attempted rape is under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Unit.

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