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20-Year-Old Man Ejected From Motorcycle In Highway Accident


CHARLOTTE AMALIE – A 20-year-old man driving a motorcycle was badly injured when he was thrown from his bike after it struck a vehicle making an illegal turn on the Weymouth Rhymber Highway last night, according to the Virgin Islands Police Department.

Traffic police were notified at 9 p.m. Friday that an automobile accident had occurred on the Weymouth Rhymer Highway near New Herrnhut Road, the VIPD said.

Arriving at the accident site, police discovered a man lying in the roadway and a severely damaged motorcycle he had been driving, in addition to the motorist involved in the accident, police said.

According to a preliminary report, the motorcycle rider was traveling west on the Weymouth Rhymer Highway and was struck by the motorist, who failed to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic, making an improper right turn. When the vehicle struck the motorcycle, it sent the driver of the motorcycle into the air and then crashing down on the pavement.

EMTs examined the injured motorcycle driver, a 20-year-old man and took him to the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital, where he was placed into emergency surgery for the injuries he sustained in the collision, according to police. The man had a broken right thigh, a broken left shin, a bruise on the head and cuts and scrapes on his body.
The motorcycle driver’s condition is unknown at this time. The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, 60-year-old Dale George, was cited with negligent driving, for his failure to operate his vehicle in a safe and prudent manner by making an improper turn, police said. Motorcycle accidents, while rare still happen and can cause a catastrophic amount of damage to the motorcyclist and other drivers that may have found themselves involved. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident which was no fault of your own, you might want to get in touch with Attorneys like GJEL for help with your case, so you able to get the compensation you need to recover from such an accident. Recovery can be hard for anything who finds themselves involved in such road accidents, with some people needing help with doctor bills, financial and emotional support.
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