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BEST BOONDOGGLE YET! Mapp, Senators, Cabinet Members Enjoy The Good Life in Tortola While The Territory Suffers Through Rampant Crime And High Unemployment

Mapp high on the hog BVI

LIVIN’ HIGH ON THE HOG: (left to right) Gov. Charles Turnbull, Gov. Kenneth Mapp, Gov. John Duncan, Premier Orlando Smith

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, BVI – Gov. Kenneth Mapp said he celebrated the 42nd Annual USVI / BVI Friendship Day with former Gov. Charles Turnbull this weekend.

Mapp said he and BVI Premier Orlando Smith “spent quality time together discussing opportunities to work together in the near future to benefit the greater Virgin Islands territory as a whole.”

“USVI/BVI Friendship day is a celebration of shared culture, traditions, cuisine and history,” Mapp said.

Mapp, Turnbull, several cabinet members, senators, island administrators and member of the USVI community enjoyed good food, drink and entertainment during their visit to the BVI.

Throughout the territory the flag of the British Virgin Islands flew at all Government House properties, the governor said.
“Plans for next year’s celebration have already begun as the USVI will host the event next year,” Government House said.

“Ceremonial” Gov. Mapp practices his speech alone at the podium before the “crowd” arrives in Tortola Saturday.

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