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DLCA Claims Scammers Are Calling To Sell You Fake Phone Cards

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CHRISTIANSTED – The Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs said there is a new phone scam that the public should beware of.

In this phone scam, the caller pretends to be a person who is sick and or has sustained some injury and is in the hospital, according to DLCA. The caller may or may not identify himself, but requests that you purchase phone cards of a value in the hundreds of dollars so that an overseas relative of the so-called sick person can make a call to them or that the scammer can call the overseas relative.

The caller provides a number for the person being conned to call after purchasing the phone card, DLCA said. You are then instructed to call the provided number and give the phone card number to the person pretending to be sick. Once you have provided the phone card number, the scam is complete and you will have lost hundreds of dollars in phone card fees.

This scam is of a type that preys on the sentiments of people who are easily taken with the plight of people they have never met before. The public is again asked to be very wary of those who seek to take advantage of human emotions.

Whether it be the elation of having been told that you have won or are entitled to large sums of money or that someone is sick and in need of assistance from a Good Samaritan, when a stranger calls you, you must ask questions to ascertain whether the caller is genuine or is a scammer. If you have any doubts, hang up the phone immediately.

Do not talk to people you don’t know over the telephone! A bright line rule is to never do financial transactions over the phone.

Please report all scams to the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs at (34) 713-3522 in St. Croix or (340) 714-3522 in St. Thomas/St. John.

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