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NABVETS Stands Ready To Help Veterans In The Territory

shedrick jones

     Shedrick Jones Sr. of NABVETS

LOUISVILLE — The National Association for Black Veterans is a nationwide association of veterans.  Established in 1969 during very turbulent racial tensions, NABVETS has always served to highlight and preserve the significant and historical contributions of African Americans in the United States military.

For more than 40 years NABVETS has grown and developed programs and initiatives that provide services addressing the holistic, intellectual, leadership, economical, and moral issues of veterans, their families, and their communities.

NABVETS has members across the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and then United States – members valued for their support of broad veteran’s initiatives, projects, and services.

Although NABVETS is an organization developed by and for Black veterans, all veterans are welcome to join and all veterans are provided services regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or creed.  Although NABVETS is a very diverse organizations, our focus is clearing defined:  Veterans.  NABVETS is all about “creating a positive lifestyle for veterans.”

In 2008, Commander Shedrick J. Jones, Sr., a veteran and well-known Kentucky basketball coach, established the NABVETS Region VI Command.  Beginning in Kentucky with the establishment of the NABVETS Kentucky State Command and the rapid appointment of State Commander Irvin Lyons Jr., Jones and Lyons have provided the leadership necessary to building multiple NABVETS Chapters throughout the Commonwealth.

Today the Jones/Lyons team are working to build NABVETS Region VI into what the NABVETS Kentucky State Command has become.  NABVETS Region VI includes the states of a five-state area which includes Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Tennessee.

NABVETS Region VI priorities address issues of veteran’s homelessness, youth empowerment, and community development.  NABVETS members unite around the strong conviction that veterans possess the experience, knowledge, discipline, training and capacity to unite among themselves and with citizen soldiers to make a difference in the quality of life for youth, families and their community.

Diversity is another important NABVETS pillar.  With Commanders composed of women and men, Caucasians and African Americans, NABVETS walks the walk of seeing every veteran through the eyes of unity and equality.  It is NABVETS philosophy that veterans have protected America on foreign soil and must now continue that commitment at home.

The KYNABVETS association immediately recognized the synergistic potential of partnering with the Veterans Community Alliance of Louisville and the Mayor’s Week of Valor.

“Our active involvement with VCAL has been a blessing to us. Our membership has grown 15 percent over the past two years as a result our collaborations with VCAL and the companies and organizations that make up VCAL,” related the NABVETS Region VI leaders.

For more information about NABVETS please contact Commander Jones at or Commander Lyons at

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Ronnie Reynolds, son of Margret Reynolds of Estate Williams Delight, St. Croix.

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