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‘Life’s A Beach’ Commentary By Wes The Best Small: Our Leaders Are Overpaid and Overweight

wes the best


“Singing For Their Supper!”

The Virgin Islands school lunch program is running out of money.

How much you ask? Oh, just about 4.6 million dollars!

What’s that you say? This is only the second month of the year!

How can that happen?

Before I start my usual government bashing, I want to applaud senators Kenny Gittens and Kurt Vialet.

Those two have been increasing pressure on the Department of Education in recent hearings.

Education Commissioner Sharon McCullum says the biggest
problem seems to be bad management.

Really? Duh! Sadly this is not the first time that I have had to report on the V.I. government turning their backs on our children.

At first I was going to hit you with a bunch of numbers and figures on the shortcomings of our children receiving a hot nutritious meal at school.

However, I will not do that!

No more freaking excuses!

Have you taken a look at our leaders lately?

As Donald Trump would say; ” THEY ARE HUGE!

We have 15 overweight and overpaid senators!

We have commissioners that are overweight
and over paid!

We have government spokespersons who lie to us every single day!

That is called: Singing For Their Supper!

An old Crucian way of saying that these leaders will say and do anything to keep getting paid!

By the way, Governor Kenneth Mapp is pretty chubby as well.

Must be those expensive dinners in five star hotels and restaurants he keeps going to.

All at the people’s expense!

But what about our children? As usual it’s the children that suffer all the time!

Here’s my prescription for the obesity problem of our fat ass leaders!

Forget Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers!

Take a freaking reduction in pay, and start putting our children first!

You could lose some weight, and gain back some of our respect!

Education Commissioner Sharon McCullum did not reply for my interview!

What else is new!

Wesley J. Small is a former WSVI-TV news reporter currently living in Atlanta. Write to Mr. Small at:

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