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DLCA Releases Survey Detailing Lowest Prices For Gasoline In The Territory


CHRISTIANSTED – The Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs released its survey for the lowest prices for gasoline on St. Croix and St. Thomas on Friday.

On St. Croix, for self service regular, premium and diesel gasolines, Superior Service Station in Estate Mt. Pleasant West had the lowest price on island at $2.469 per gallon.

For full service regular gasoline, La Reine Service Station had the lowest price for regular at $3.259 per gallon and for full service premium gasoline Welco Service Station in Estate Welcome near Canegata Ballpark had the lowest price at $3.609 per gallon.

On St. Thomas, six gas stations were tied for the lowest price of self service regular gasoline at $2.779 per gallon: 1st Stop, Gas Works Bovoni, Giant Gas, Hometown, One Stop Sugar Estate and Race Track.

For premium self service, Gas Works Bovoni was the cheapest at $3.289 per gallon. Boyne’s Trucking had the lowest price for diesel on the capital island at $3.359 per gallon and Gas Works Bovoni had the lowest price for blended self service gasoline at $3.289 per gallon.

Boyne’s Trucking had the lowest price for full service regular and premium gasolines on St. Thomas at $2.799 and $3.359 per gallon respectively.

In all, DLCA surveyed 29 gas stations on St. Croix, most had their price pegged at $2.699 for regular, $3.059 for premium and $3.459 for diesel.

The Virgin Islands Free Press will publish the weekly findings of the DLCA gas survey as a consumer service to its readers.

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