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CDC Confirms One New Case Of The Zika Virus On St. Croix

A woman looks on next to a banner as soldiers and municipal health workers take part in cleaning of the streets, gardens and homes as part of the city's efforts to prevent the spread of the Zika virus vector, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Jorge Cabrera


CHRISTIANSTED — As of April 5, 2016 the CDC has confirmed one new case of Zika this week, as reported in today’s Zika surveillance report. The total confirmed Zika have increased to 13, 12 of which are on St. Croix and one on St. Thomas.

The total confirmed Zika have increased to 13, 12 of which are on St. Croix and one of which is on St. Thomas.

The Virgin Islands Department of Health continues to test pregnant women without symptoms of Zika for FREE. As of this week, 426 samples have been received from pregnant women, of those 385 have tested negative. Four pregnant women have been confirmed with dengue. No cases of Zika have been confirmed in pregnant women.

“Pregnant women are at higher risk of severe complications from dengue fever, and any pregnant woman experiencing symptoms should see their healthcare provider for evaluation. Avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, or aspirin-containing drugs until dengue can be ruled out to reduce the risk of hemorrhage. In particular, pregnant women who have a fever should be treated with acetaminophen (Paracetamol or Tylenol®.) People infected with Zika, chikungunya, or dengue virus should be protected from further mosquito exposure during the first few days of illness to reduce the risk of spreading the disease to others,” said Michelle Davis, the V.I. Health Commissioner nominee.

Mosquito control efforts are also in progress around the homes of pregnant women in the Virgin Islands. Pregnant women who have been tested for Zika virus are eligible for a FREE exterior home inspection as part of our mosquito control and Zika management program. These inspections and any needed treatments are being provided free-of-charge to eligible homeowners. Representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) are in the process of contacting homeowners to schedule free home inspections. These inspections do not mean that a positive Zika test result has been confirmed.

Pregnant women are reminded that Zika Prevention Kits are still available for FREE at multiple locations across the Virgin Islands. As of this week, 339 kits have been distributed. The kits include educational materials in English and Spanish, EPA-registered insect repellent, permethrin spray repellent for treating clothing, condoms to avoid sexual transmission of Zika, a thermometer for women to screen themselves for symptoms, treatment tabs for preventing mosquitoes from breeding in standing water, and a bed net.

For local information about Zika virus, call the Department of Health Emergency Operations Center at (340) 712-6205. For more general information about the Zika virus call toll free: 1-800-CDC-INFO.

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