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Health Commissioner Davis Re-Assures Protesting EMTs That Their Actions Are Covered By Insurance

michelle davis

Health Commissioner Michelle Davis

CHRISTIANSTED — Health Commissioner Dr. Michelle Davis met with protesting Emergency Medical Service technicians as they held an impromptu job action in front of the Charles Harwood Hospital in Estate Richmond on Thursday afternoon.

The EMS job action was broadcast live via Facebook and shared with readers of the Virgin Islands Free Press and the V.I. Connections closed group on Facebook in real time as it was happening yesterday.

Davis and her Executive Team met with the EMS staff on Thursday and re-assured EMS workers that their actions are covered by the government’s self-insurance plan when it comes to emergency workers helping people in life and death situations after an accident.

EMS workers carrying placards on the sidewalk in front of Charles Harwood said that they were concerned because the government does not have a formal insurance policy to cover their on-the-job actions.

Davis told the EMS workers that she is working closely with Property and Procurement Commissioner Randolph Bennett on the issue and that the same laws that protect police and fire services employees also apply to EMS workers who are doing their duty.

“Per the VI Code, the Government is self-insured and thus provides protection for any employee driving a government vehicle; under the Tort Claims Act, all EMS employees are immune and bear no liability,” Davis said.

To view what the EMTs protest looked like on Thursday, please click on the link below:

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