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PUFFING OUT HER CHEST TO LEAD FROM BEHIND: One Day After P.R. and D.C. Delegates Put Territorial Rights On The Congressional Agenda, Plaskett Says: Me, 2!

UNDER FIRE FOR POOR WORK ETHIC (JUST LIKE MAPP): Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett whines that she and other delegates have no vote, but she has taken no concrete steps to do anything about it.

WASHINGTON — Just as the newly-convened 115th Congress began this week, Virgin Islands Non-voting Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett claims that she “brought the issue of unequal treatment of the territories to the forefront,” but of course she didn’t — because no one was listening when she spoke!

Plaskett said she “took the unprecedented and extraordinary step of interrupting the official vote for Speaker of the House to highlight the fact that the Delegates of the territories are not allowed to cast their vote for the Speaker of the House and are not allowed a vote in Committee of the Whole.”

“I rise because my name or the names of the five representatives of the territories duly elected by collectively four million Americans, our names were not called. And i ask parliamentary inquiry as to why not at this time at this juncture in the United States that the territories do not have a voice on this floor?,” Plaskett asked.

The second-term Congresswoman has continued to push for equal treatment of the territories and has made Voting Rights for residents living within U.S. Territories a topic of discussion since taking office in 2015.

Most notably, Plaskett a comment on Voting Rights was featured on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in 2015 and has since sparked a new National conversation on Voting Rights in the United States.

View Congresswoman Plaskett’s remarks during the opening of the 115th Congress

But Plaskett’s maneuvers on the floor of the Congress did not impress her critics in the Republican party of the Virgin Islands.

Unsuccessful St. Croix Board of Elections Candidate Jevon Williams said that “Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett’s latest stunt on the floor of the House of Representatives does nothing to improve the life of Virgin Islanders.”

Williams said that Democrat Plaskett “has been so ineffective that she couldn’t even get a postage stamp issued for the centennial of Transfer Day.”

“Congresswoman Plaskett just doesn’t get it,” GOP National Committeeman Jevon Williams said on behalf of the Republican Party of the United States Virgin Islands. “Her unabashed partisanship has
gotten our island communities nothing. Virgin Islanders deserve better than a congresswoman resorting to juvenile stunts aimed at the TV cameras.”

While Congresswoman Plaskett engages in stunts, Puerto Rico’s Congresswoman, Jenniffer González, a freshman on day two of the job, is showing leadership on fighting to ensure the territories have an equal voice:

In July of last year, a near-apoplectic Plaskett asked the FBI to investigate how her private topless photos turned up online — and she said they had been “illegally obtained” from her accounts.

The nonvoting member of Congress from the territory said at the time that the “theft and distribution of these personal images via the internet marks a new low in Virgin Islands politics.”

One of the photos circulated was of a topless woman that not only resembled the first-term congresswoman — she later admitted that she herself personally authorized the at least partially-nude photos to be taken — but for distribution to only close family and friends — not the public in general.

She said the photos included “private” ones she shared with her husband, “as well as a private playful video of our family, including one of our children.”

The photo of her gap-toothed husband, a former tennis player on St. Thomas, seemed to depict him naked from the waist down with his daughter in close proximity to him in a hotel room. Her husband was wearing make-up, red lipstick and a woman’s wig.

“I am shocked and deeply saddened that someone would stoop to such a level as to invade my marriage and the love of my family in an attempt to besmirch me politically,”  Plaskett said in a statement.

Plaskett 52, who won her seat in 2014, is running for re-election against St. Thomas businessman Gordon Ackley and Ronald Russell.

Ackley released a statement, saying, “Our children and grandchildren should be able to look up to those in public office as role models.”

“It is deeply unfortunate when those entrusted to serve our community engage in a manner that poorly reflects upon the Virgin Islands,” he said. “I have always tried to conduct myself in an honorable manner and to provide a positive influence for the next generation of Virgin Islanders.”

The delegate’s office said it is working with U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI.

She said the episode shows “that there are some people who will go to any length to degrade a woman who refuses to play their games and will try to besmirch my good name by any means necessary.”

“I have a message for the criminals who perpetrated these heinous acts: I will not go away. I know the people of our Virgin Islands are disgusted by individuals who would try to destroy families for political gain,” she said.

Rep. Jenniffer Gonzalez [R-PR] (shown above with Rep. Paul Ryan [R-WI], the House Speaker)actually has influence in the Republican Congress and is using that influence — and her G.O.P. party affiliation — to make positive political gains for the people of Puerto Rico.

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