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Puerto Rico’s Luis Arroyo Gets Seven Years In Prison For Biting Off The Head Of His Girlfriend’s Puppy

ANIMAL ABUSE: In Lares, Puerto Rico

A man in Puerto Rico will serve seven years in prison for biting off the head of a Chihuahua and punching his girlfriend.

The two-month-old puppy died instantly, El Vocero reported.

According to the paper, the couple had been living together for about six months and the man, 40-year-old Luis Arroyo, had no history of domestic abuse.

Judge Myrna Pérez Negrón also ordered Arroyo to pay a $3,000 fine in the case that included domestic abuse and mistreatment of an animal.

Arroyo, who is unemployed, pleaded guilty to assaulting his 38-year-old girlfriend, who owned the dog.

The incident occurred in February in the western mountain town of Lares, a town 52 miles from the capital San Juan.

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