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ASIAN TRICKY DICKY: Filipino Transgender Teachers Being Sent To Virgin Islands To Teach Under-Age Boys … LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

TOO SEXY FOR HIS/HER SHIRT? Filipino “men” are coming to the U.S. Virgin Islands to teach underage boys and become role models for our impressionable youths, instructing them in the questionable ways of  an uncivilized part of Asia and their permissive, anti-Christian Asian culture … but not Caribbean culture … thanks to Gov. Kenneth Mapp and Education Commissioner Sharon McCollum.

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From the desk of Ezril Dusky: (SPECIAL TO THE V.I. FREE PRESS)

There are Filipino teachers being sent here by the Government of the Philippines who are in the process of becoming transgender — but who refuse to disclose this fact to the V.I. Department of Education before they get here — and the V.I. Department of Education — led by Commissioner Dr. Sharon McCollum is too disinterested — or too interested in stuffing her own face with food — to care.

Several of them were in a Vietnamese restaurant near Gallows Bay where I was eating. I overheard them laughing and joking about how stupid Americans/Crucians are for allowing their transgender wanna-be’s into the United States to preform their sick Oriental preversities on an unsurspecting All-American/Crucian public. It was a big joke to them. They were loud in the restaurant and spoke “gutter” English.

One of the Filipino “men” is a person named “John-John” (he-she prefers the name “Zsa-Zsa” but can’t pronounce it) and teaches at Charles H. Woodson Junior High School in Mon Bijou. After he-she had been drinking, the he-she announced to anyone who would listen that he/she would use the outrageous American money that the Virgin Islands government was paying him/her to fly to Thailand to turn “his hot dog into a taco.”

John-John also mentioned that he/she is also a tall, gangly and homely (ugly) “nail technician” at (a nail salon in the Sunny Isle area — name deleted). He/she said that he is only romantically interested in “straight” boys and men — especially underage boys — he/she acknowledged that the underage boys in his/her classroom are particularly titillating to his/her Celestial reasoning.

The budding trans-sexual added that he/she dresses like a “man” while he teaches our poor, unsuspecting under-age black boys their lessons, but when he gets to [name of Asian nail salon deleted] near Sunny Isles Shopping Center he wears red lipstick and “appears” as a “blooming partial Kathoey.”

Isn’t this some kind of goddamned conflict for Gov. Ken Mapp’s hand-picked Education Commissioner Dr. Sharon McCollum? The Filapina/Filapino teachers were complaining that the Virgin Islands government is human-trafficking profiteering off of them by bringing them to this dogforesaken primitive African (black) island and getting federal tax credits for doing so, while at the same time under-paying and over-working them. (And not paying them for nine months once they start teaching.)

It’s a crying, damn shame that the grotesquely-obese Education Commissioner Sharon McCollum has no clue that the extrajudicial substance-abuse-victim trophy-killer, war criminal (Rodrigo) Duterte is sending the dregs of his morally-deficient Red China-sympathizing Anti-American Oriental-Communist society to the beautiful shores of the U.S. Virgin Islands because food-drunk McCollum and rum-drunk Mapp are too stupid, lacksidaisical and careless to investigate — don’t even start with me on hand-picked pansy V.I. Attorney General Claude Walker.

God help us U.S. Virgin Islands! Let’s hope Mapp can prove that he didn’t know about this brutal full-frontal assault on our collective good Christian values in advance. But Mapp living the alternative lifestyle that he has always lived here … why would he care if a few more underage boys went over to the “dark side,” his side?

To me, New York-born Mapp and stateside-born McCollum owe every parent of a young boy in St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix an explanation! How many young Virgin Islands boys have been propositioned by this godless heathen disgusting afterbirth on toast? How many young Virgin Islands boys need to be corrupted by these godless, heathen Asiatic people before clueless McCollum and under-educated (high-school-0nly) Mapp will respond to this dire crisis?

I recommend that every parent with a young boy at John H. Woodson Junior High take their under-aged son or daughter out of John H. Woodson Junior High School before it is too late … and that every conscientious Virgin Islands public school parent of a boy or girl consider boycotting the Virgin Islands Public School System until all the Islamic-Muslim Filopina/Filopino schoolteachers are deported by President Donald Trump or finally sent home by the special needs-managed V.I. Department of Education!

What can be done? That is all that I ask!


–EZRIL DUSKY, Frederiksted

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Virgin Islands Department of Education led by Dr. Sharon McCollum, repeatedly declined to comment on this news story in the form of a letter to the editor, as did Education spokeswoman Cynthia Graham.)


I understand the seriousness of this matter, but this is a story of one person and does not represent all of the hardworking Filipino teachers here in the VI,” wrote Joanna Garcia Payne on Facebook. “They are qualified teachers who left their families in the Philippines to make a living here in the islands. Most of them took huge loans to be able to come here and the money they make are mostly sent to their families in their hometown. This matter of one person should not represent all Filipino teachers. This is a defamation of character and wrong stereotyping of Filipino teachers. Your concern is an issue that can be taken to the proper agency. I’m concern about any hate crime that can result from this article and the defamation of character of a whole group of people who has nothing to do with it. These teachers are highly qualified, they have Masters and some have PhD. They’re all chasing their American dreams and working hard for it. Did you know that they also contribute to GERS aside from paying taxes, when some of them will be sent home in 3 years and will not see a penny of what they contributed to GERS?”

But another frequent reader of the V.I. Freep on Facebook disagreed with Garcia Payne.

“Yes, but what happens to the local teachers here who are looking for jobs here and they are not hiring them” Elizabeth Cintron wrote on Facebook. “To give the jobs to the Philippines to pay them less and most of the time you can’t understand what they are saying.”

And the Virgin Islands Free Press replied on Facebook as well.

“Excellent point. Very well-qualified, culturally-sensitive teachers are here right now — why not hire them? It’s because of the money inducement the federal government gives the Virgin Islands Department of Education to hire these Filipino/filipina teachers — the Mapp-Potter Administration is trying to use these U.S. government monies to balance the budget.”

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  1. Cathy Benjamin
    June 14, 2017 at 6:16 AM — Reply

    Proper use if federal dollars would turn the grandchild status of the US Virgin Islands around almost immediately. Applications for federal dollars are filled out by us. They are all governed by the Code of Federal Regulations. When a grant ia awarded, it is our responsibility to expend the award according to the CFR regulations we applied under. The attitude has been “….it’s our money now, do whatever we want…”. Yes, do whatever we can but, do as we said we would, ( the application we submitted ); according to the rules we applied under. Then and only then, will we benefit as diciplined, trustworthy “grandchildren”. We continue to abuse the privileges granted to us then whine and grumble when correction (prosecution) comes for squandering the gifts given by the Federal Government. We must do right with the free money so our territory can be the Blessing it is to all who come here and not just those with the means and deceitful, aquisitioning power that continue to exploit, rape and abuse our people.

  2. Megustatrannies
    July 30, 2018 at 10:57 AM — Reply

    I love trannies. I hope they bring hundreds of ladyboys to work in the bar.

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