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Bodies Of 2 Boys Believed To Be From The Serieux Family Discovered By Landscaper Near Halfpenny Bay Beach

Bodies Of 2 Boys Believed To Be From The Serieux Family Discovered By Landscaper Near Halfpenny Bay Beach

Bodies Of 2 Boys Believed To Be From The Serieux Family Discovered By Landscaper Near Halfpenny Bay Beach

HAPPY FAMILY: Jordan Serieux, 10, (left back) Jeremiah Serieux, 5, (middle) and Lyana Serieux, 24, pose during happier times on St. Croix. The two boys were found partially decomposed near the entrance to a South Shore beach late this morning — between Catherine’s Rest and Halfpenny Bay.

CHRISTIANSTED — A St. Croix landscaper discovered the bodies of two people missing since Friday afternoon this morning — Jordan Serieux, 10, and Jeremiah Serieux, 5, near the entrance Halfpenny Bay beach — they are the two sons of Lyana Serieux, who police still hold out hopes for as being alive.

The two Serieux family members were found partially decomposed about 1,000 feet east of the entrance of Halfpenny about 20 feet from some open grass in the area about 11:15 a.m. today.

But experienced investigators admitted that it is unlikely that the 24-year-old Lyana Serieux would be found alive once the bodies of her male children were discovered dead but not burned today — but were unwilling to speculate about where the missing mother might be at this time.

Police said in a press conference today that they found the badly burned Toyota Yaris of Lyana Serieux in a non-residential farm area of Estate Upper Love on Monday night on Virgin Islands government land but that positive identification could not be made because the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was partially destroyed in the fire.

Asked if the suicide of Linton Eddy, 43, of Barren Spot on Saturday was in any way connected to the Serieux family’s disappearance on Friday, VIPD spokesman Glen Dratte said: “I could not say, I still have to speak to police investigators about that.”

Police Commissioner Delroy Richards and Territorial Police Chief Winsbut McFarlande held a press conference about 10:30 a.m. today in which they appealed to the public to help in the search and call in their tips that could lead to the successful conclusion of the search for the Serieux family.

Richards said Serieux previously got a restraining order against a former boyfriend but would not say if the boyfriend is the “person of interest” in the case.

About an hour after the start of the first press conference of the day, police went to the spot where the landscaper had discovered the bodies of the two young boys.

Police Detective Naomi Joseph said police have confirmed with all air carriers that Lyana Serieux has not left the island under her own identity.

A source speaking on condition of anonymity said that Serieux, who works at Kmart on St. Croix, walked into 1First Bank Virgin Islands on Friday and paid off all the money owed on the silver 2011 Toyota Yaris she was driving.

The St. Croix Avis said the badly burned car Serieux used was actually owned by a cousin, who was not named in the report.

Lyana Serieux and her two boys went missing that same day after they left her mother’s house at the Lagoon Street Complex near the Legislature and headed to their own home in Estate Cane which is directly behind Kmart West.

Eddy committed suicide in Barren Spot on the following day — Saturday.

The source said that Eddy, who had the money to give to Serieux for her or her family member because he had an indoor marijuana farm, was upset that she could not spend time with him immediately after he paid off all the money owed on the car she used.

“You can connect the rest of the dots, even if police investigators can’t,” the source added. “There’s a very good reason why the police refused to name the person of interest in this case at this time.”

Dratte confirmed after 5 p.m. today that only two of the missing persons were discovered today. An earlier version of this story said that three people had been found.

Police still did not respond to a request for more information up until the updated version of this story was completed at 5:09 p.m. today.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Lyana Serieux on Facebook.

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