Bodies Of 2 Boys Believed To Be From The Serieux Family Discovered By Landscaper Near Halfpenny Bay Beach

IT’S OFFICIAL: V.I. Medical Examiner Says That Lyana Serieux and Her Two Sons Jeremiah and Jordan Were Murdered, But Won’t Say How Or Under What Circumstances

IT'S OFFICIAL: V.I. Medical Examiner Says That Lyana Serieux and Her Two Sons Jeremiah and Jordan Were Murdered, But Won't Say How Or Under What Circumstances

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Jeremiah Serieux, 5, (front) Jordan Serieux, 10, (left) and Lyana Serieux, 24, (right). The case has been a roller coaster of emotions for most people on St. Croix, with many refusing to even entertain the notion that the Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) cadet could have had links to the drug trade on island. Sources say if the Virgin Islands government is allowed to prosecute the case against the perpetrators, the truth might never be released to the general public.

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FREDERIKSTED — Autopsies have confirmed that Lyana Serieux and her two sons Jeremiah and Jordan were murdered.

But police would offer few other details other than to say that the V.I. Medical Examiner had determined that Lyana, 24, Jeremiah, 5, and Jordan, 10, each died as a result of a homicide.

The autopsies were completed on Tuesday but the Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) did not release the information for at least 48 hours as they anguished over how to parse the information to the public.

The VIPD would not say if the Serieux family were all killed in the same manner, or whether they were strangled, tortured, drowned, beaten, stabbed, or shot to death.

The island was engrossed with the fate of the family after it was reported on July 30 that they had been missing for two days.

When Jeremiah and Jordan were found dead in a field near the entrance to Halfpenny Bay beach two days after that, people on St. Croix organized a prayer circle every day in Christiansted near the gazebo by Fort Christiansvaern asking for the safe return of Lyana.

Lyana herself would be discovered in a cistern in an abandoned building behind St. Croix Mutual Homes early in the afternoon hours eight days ago.

Sources close to the investigation acknowledge that Lyana, who was scheduled to graduate from the VIPD police academy within six to nine months, was active in the drug trade, eventually leading to the sudden death of herself and her two young children.

When news of Lyana Serieux’s active role in the drug distribution business was first reported on Saturday evening, the island was in an uproar over the news, with many refusing to believe that it was even possible.

Private and government sources have offered at least $20,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the killings of the Serieux family.

People the Virgin Islands Free Press interviewed said that the VIPD is embarrassed to admit that their vetting process is so lacking that they would allow an individual who is active in the drug trade to be recruited and then inducted into local law enforcement — and they are working closely with V.I. Attorney General Claude Walker to ensure that that information is never made public officially.

“They do not want to say how the children were killed even though they know all the details right now,” the source said. “Where the boys were shot on their bodies is a well-guarded secret. Those details might not be released until if and when there is a trial. Police want to maintain the sympathy factor for Lyana and her family for as long as possible. They are worried that if the truth comes out about Serieux being a future dirty cop — the reward money could dry up overnight — and so might the tips that could help bring those responsible to justice.”


4 thoughts on “IT’S OFFICIAL: V.I. Medical Examiner Says That Lyana Serieux and Her Two Sons Jeremiah and Jordan Were Murdered, But Won’t Say How Or Under What Circumstances

  1. Lolo

    No, VIPD is protecting other employees involved. God, please expose every underhanded thing that is going on behind close doors. Comfort this family and bring the perpetrators to their knees.

  2. Curtis Decker

    Really, your officials come to this conclusion. They soil this young lady and her beautiful boys names . Why because it will leed to the arrests of their upstanding Police Officers involved in the drug world the real mules of the drug and gun traffic. To put this on the backs of the island future (God Bless The Three of you) Lyana and her boys . Put herself through school and holds
    Degrees and wanted to join the PD and in the mix of all that had time to climb the ladder of the undr r world . To the government of V.I. investgate the case no matter where it may take you or how high up your ladder you find the corruption to travel. I believe it was who she had associated with and what they drug cartel thought she seen that got her murdered . NOT THIS B.S. I JUST READ !!!!! I’M A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY AND PROUD OF ALL THEM . AND I LIVE STATE SIDE AND WILL NOT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THE DIRT YOU A RE PUTTING ON THE BACKS OF THESES BEAUTIFUL YOUNG PEOPLE. GOD BLESS

  3. Wearebetterthanthat

    I agree….this is terrible journalism. Just lacks tact on all degrees. Instead of being informed, I was turned off completely. It appears this article is an opportunity to settle scores with the VIPD with total disregard for a mourning community and family of Lyana and her sons. For the troll who took its bait…show some sympathy.

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