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WAPA Thug Jean Greaux Rakes St. Croix For Saying That It Does Not Have Power Seven Days After Tropical Storm Force Winds Gently Brushed The Island: September 20 Is ‘The Authority”s Goal For Completion

MAJOR PROBLEM: The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s primitive way of producing electricity is polluting the islands and ruining American Paradise for natives and visitors alike.

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CHARLOTTE AMALIE — The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) spokesman, Jean Greaux, who has threatened members of the national press who vowed to print accurate news stories, has shown again how he is the worst loose cannon in the territory.

In responding to social media comments about WAPA from St. Croix, the ivory-tower six-figure WAPA spokesman and former radio DJ Greaux said that he “could not fathom” how people on the Big Island could even begin to complain about the government-run water and electricity utility.

“In a considered effort this morning, crews from the Water and Power Authority, crews from Viya and crews from the Department of Public Works are on the roads this morning,” Greaux said on Monday. “It’s a coordinated effort to accomplish debris removal. The Public Work [sic] crews are going to be removing whatever hurricane-related debris exists on the roadways. We’ll be picking up the damaged electrical lines; Viya doing the same for the telecommunications cables. It might be beneficial in the future to protect certain cables with sleeves from companies like Printasleeve to minimize damage as much as possible.

“The goal at Viya, Public Works and WAPA is to make the roads more passable. In the early hours after the storm we basically made a track through the roads to get through. Now we want to make the roads more passable to accommodate two-lane traffic. And you know, the roads are indeed narrow, narrower than usual and we’re just trying to make the situation a little bit better. The fact that the curfew remains in place is a plus for the utilities at least until 12 o’clock. I know it’s not an easy decision for any leader to make to impose a curfew, but I can’t tell you how important it is for us to have the roads cleared that we can deploy the vehicles, that we can deploy the backhoes, all the heavy equipment that’s needed to clear the roads and pick up these damaged cables that are littering the roads and the islands.”


“So that three-pronged approach is getting underway this morning. We’ve had our own line crews out since Saturday, doing the clearance of the broken poles, the damaged poles, the downed cables, etc. On island crews, restoration crews (are) already mobilized, they are assisting WAPA in this process already. We’ve got crews that will be coming in from the Caribbean islands, we’re part of CARILEC [The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC)] as you know. Also, there’s been assistance offered to us from the American Public Power Association, the APPA. We also have contracts with off-island contractors. In times like these, they’ll be deploying their assets to the Virgin Islands to assist in the recovery. It is important to note that the off-island restoration crews will not be on island until we have secured a shipment additional materials.”

“We start each hurricane season with a bulk of materials here. We’re already tapping that inventory to do the immediate work. For example, today on two feeders leaving the power plant we’ll be planting new poles to replace the damaged poles, that’s all coming from the inventory that we have on island. A bulk shipment of materials for the Water and Power Authority’s electric system is on its way. And at that point, once that equipment is on island, we then will be mobilizing the off-island contractors so they would arrive at the same time as the additional inventory of supplies gets here. The potable water system across the three islands is in good shape. Seven Seas on St. Thomas will activate its power production facility today. And we have been making gradual progress in getting that system reactivated. The water standpipe in Sub Base will be operating each day from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

“On St. Croix, the restoration is moving along. All of the 10 feeders that power St. Croix all have some level of electricity. Addie (Ottley of WSTA-AM Lucky 1340), I can’t tell you how … I’m at a loss to try and understand some of the negative comments that are coming out of St. Croix, you know considering the island district had power the night after the winds stopped blowing. You know, the fact that we can’t fathom …the thought that we’re recovering four days later from a Category 5 hurricane is beyond me. Some of the comments we’re seeing … primarily out of the district of St. Croix about pocket outages about taking so long to get your power back; etc., etc.; you know, second-guessing the Authority’s restoration plan; I want to make it clear both in the St. Croix district and the St. Thomas-St. John district – WAPA’s restoration plan is going to be developed in the best interests of the entire community. It is not going to be developed for any one neighborhood; it’s not going to be developed for any one soul, personal interests – it’s a restoration plan that’s going to be benefitting, being designed and developed for the benefit of the entire community. There are priorities that we have to set; for example, our priority since Saturday has been energizing the school campuses across St. Croix to return to a level of normalcy sooner than later.”

“At any rate, the call center on St. Croix, we encourage persons that are experiencing pocket outages to continue to call us and report those outages. The number again for the call center on St. Croix is (340) 773-0150 or those with Internet access can email us at:

“That’s basically the overview, the big picture of the Water and Power Authority this morning. As I mentioned to you yesterday, by the end of the day today we will be releasing to the public a restoration plan for St. Croix that will detail where the Authority’s crews are going to be from neighborhood to neighborhood to begin to address these pocket outages. We are quickly approaching the 100 percent energized level on all of the 10 feeders on St. Croix.”

On Tuesday, WAPA announced on its Facebook page the restoration schedule for St. Croix … it was NOT shared with the V.I. Freep … but we have provided it for you despite Mrs. Greaux’s efforts …

WAPA said on Tuesday that it has a restoration schedule for areas of St. Croix that continue to experience isolated or pocket outages related to the passage of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017.

The schedule estimates that power will be restored to all St. Croix customers by the end of the day on September 20, 2017.

The schedule is broken down by sectors and lists the affected community or neighborhood as well as the anticipated date of service restoration:

Sector 1

South Gate 9/12/17
Green Cay 9/12/17
Tipperary 9/12/17
Solitude 2A 9/16/17
Cotton Valley 9/16/17
Teaque Bay 9/16/17
Slob 9/12/17
Jacks Bay 9/16-17/17
Wood Cotton 9/16-17/17
Cotton Grove 9/16-17/17
Mount Fancy 9/16-17/17
Great Pond 9/16-17/17

Sector 2

Orange Grove 9/12/17
Mt Welcome 9/15/17
Altona 2A 9/15/17
Green Cay 9/14/17
Lowry’s Hill 9/13/17
Tide Village 9/12/17
Petronella 9/20/17
Catherine’s Rest 9/13/17

Sector 3

Work & Rest 9/15/17
La Grange 9/20/17
Cane Garden 9/12/17
Castle Coakley 9/12/17
Profit 9/12/17
Anguilla 9/15/17
Cassava Gdn. 9/20/17
Figtree Hill 9/20/17
Anna’s Hope 9/20/17

Sector 4

Golden Rock 9/12/17
Orange Grove 9/12/17
Beeston Hill 9/12/17
Anna’s Hope 9/12/17
Peter’s Rest 9/12/17
Constitution Hill 912/17
Sion Farm 9/13/17
Sion Hill 9/12/17
Castle Coakley 9/12/17
Castle Coakley 9/12/17
Rattan 9/12/17
La Grande Princesse 9/13/17
Little Princess 9/13/17

Sector 4A

Golden Rock 9/20/17
Little Princess 9/20/17
La Grande Princesse 9/20/17
St. John 9/12/17
Mount Pellier 9/12/17
Dolby Hill 9/13/17

Sector 5 .

Golden Grove 9/20/17
Diamond 9/13/17
Carlton 9/13/17

Sector 7

Little Fountain 9/13/17
Mount Pleasant 9/12/17
Rust Up Twist 9/15/17

Sector 7A

Blue Mountain 9/15/17
Rivers 9/14/17
North Star 9/14/17
Cane Bay 9/14/17
La Vallee 9/14/17
Belvedere 9/14/17
Canaan Ridge 9/14/17
Blue Mountain Antennas 9/15/17

Sector 8

Rivers 9/15/17
Grove Place 9/13/17
Tortola 9/12/17
Two Friends 9/12/17
Springfield 9/12/17
Mount Pellier 9/12/17
Orange Grove (West) 9/12/17
Jolly Hill 9/12/17
Little La Grange 9/20/17
Prosperity 9/12/17
Two Williams 9/12/17
Punch 9/12/17
Prospect Hill 9/12/17
Butlers Hill 9/13/17
Northside 9/13/17
Hams Bay 9/14/17
Hams Bluff 9/14/17
Carambola 9/14/17
VI National Guard (Sprat Hall) 9/17/17

Sector 9

Hogensborg 9/12/17
Carlton 8B 9/13/17
Cane Valley 9/12/17
Beck Grove 9/12/17
Mount Pellier 9/13/17
Wheel of Fortune 9/13/17
Concordia 9/13/17
Frederikshaab 9/14/17
La Grange 9/15/17
Little La Grange 9/15/17
Navy Tracking Station 9/16/17

Sector 10

Ruan’s Bay 9/16/17
Good Hope 9/12/17
Hannah Rest 9/13/17
Smithfield 9/14/17



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