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Private Plane Fails To Take Off At Henry Rohlsen Airport And Crash Lands … One Member of Kylo & Stylee Band, Pilot, Three Others Die

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FREDERIKSTED — Five people died — including at least one member of the Kylo & Stylee Band — when a twin-engine aircraft experienced “mechanical issues” on takeoff at Henry Rohlsen Airport and was forced to try to return to the airport to land.

The resulting crash landing of the private plane resulted in a fireball and a tangled wreck of burned metal on the airport tarmac, according to airport officials. There were no survivors.

“All of whoever was on board died,” Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) Director David Mapp said, adding that the plane was totally wrecked. “I couldn’t tell you, from the mangled mess, the make, model, number or type of plane.”

Eyewitnesses and VIPA officials said that the fatal crash took place at 8:54 p.m. on Thursday. Besides the member of the band and the pilot, three others died and will be identified pending notification of next of kin.

People on social media expressed condolences for the now fallen band member that was made up of Kylo, AJ, Bugzbugs, Mango Man, Pollo, Pumpa and Swanks.

At least one eyewitness said that the airplane was on fire before it hit the ground.

On Friday, Lt. Gov. Osbert Potter identified Kyle “Kylo” Sylvester as the dead band member.

Kylo & Stylee Band had between four and seven members before the accident.


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