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Mapp Called ‘MVP of 2017’ By St. Thomas Resident Who Didn’t Live In The Territory At The Time of Hurricane Disasters

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CHRISTIANSTED – Gov. Kenneth Mapp has been lauded for his leadership in the face of two Category 5 hurricanes, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, in, a weekly magazine for entrepreneurs and business owners.

His direct communication style is described as being “exemplary,” by Melanie Curtin, who didn’t live in the territory at the time of the disasters.

“Governor Mapp pulled no punches when it came to communicating with his populace. He was on the radio almost every night (both before and after the storms), and he was clear and direct,” Curtin, a columnist and Virgin Islands native, wrote in her editorial.

Mapp is recognized for not shirking responsibility or blaming others for the fallout of the hurricanes. His straightforwardness, along with his sense of humor to uplift the people of the territory, is noteworthy, Curtin noted.

“There are good women and men elected to lead, care, and serve, who do just that,” Curtin wrote. “There were a lot of remarkable people who shone their light this year. But to this island girl, Governor Mapp is the MVP of 2017.”

Of course, Curtin didn’t live here during the time of the disasters — and that’s why she could even begin to say that …

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