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TRUE COLORS: Palm Beach Jet Set Goes All Out For Virgin Islands Fundraiser … It’s For The British and They Get $40K

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A fundraiser last week in Florida brought in some big money for hurricane relief in the British Virgin Islands.

The Thursday event was co-hosted by Palm Beach Travel, the British Virgin Islands Tourism Board, Lamborghini and The Moorings.

At least 50 guests packed the International Polo Club Palm Beach and raised $40,000 to help recovery efforts.

The islands were hit hard by hurricanes Irma and Maria, with the one-two punch of the storms putting a massive dent in the tourism industry. Travel to the British Virgin Islands is the primary source of income for many of the islands’ residents, according to a government website.

The Virgin Islands Free Press reported in early October that that 8,300 residents were displaced by Hurricane Irma.

“It was thanks to the generosity of our amazing partners, Lamborghini, Eithad Airways and those in attendance that we are able to help those on the islands get back on their feet so they can continue to thrive,” Palm Beach Travel president Annie Davis said in a news release.

Money will go to the British Virgin Islands Recovery Fund. For more information or to make a donation, go to or


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