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Mapp Says ‘No’ To Senate’s ‘Electioneering’ Bill on Regulating Signage … For Now

Mapp Says 'No' To Senate's 'Electioneering' Bill on Regulating Signage ... For Now


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CHARLOTTE AMALIE – Governor Kenneth Mapp has approved legislation calling for further regulation of billboards.

Mapp said on Tuesday that he agreed with the intent of the legislation, which includes provisions to increase restrictions for billboards on public highways.

However, the governor noted in his letter to Senate President Myron Jackson, additional improvements to the territory’s billboard laws were still required, including setting appropriate fees for electronic billboards and greater accounting for “aesthetic issues.”

Mapp has vetoed Bill No. 32-0210, which grants the Chairman of the Board of Elections the power to determine the distance which electioneering can take place relative to polling sites.

“I have vetoed this bill because I do not agree that the sole discretion to set distances for electioneering should be vested in the Chairman of the Board of Elections,” the governor wrote. “I’m also of two views: concern that voters are at times overwhelmed with electioneering activities when entering a polling station and permitting the free exercise of our democracy to try and sway the voter one last time when they are entering a polling station to cast their ballot. Out of an abundance of caution, I have vetoed this bill and ask that we revisit this issue after the general elections.”

Read the governor’s complete letter here.

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