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ABOVE THE LAW? Motorists Claim Mapp’s Bodyguard Rear Ended Them And They’re Still Sore

ABOVE THE LAW? Motorists Claim Mapp's Bodyguard Rear Ended Them And They're Still Sore

CHRISTIANSTED — Gregory Bennerson Jr., Governor Kenneth Mapp’s Chief of Executive Security, was involved in a two-car accident but did alert the proper authorities afterwards, according to the Virgin Islands Think Tank.

The accident occurred on St. Croix after midnight when Bennerson’s unmarked black government vehicle smashed into the back of a private citizen’s vehicle.

“Victim reports after being rear-ended by Bennerson, he left scene of accident in his damaged unmarked government vehicle to avoid being spotted by passerby’s and parked damaged government vehicle distance away from crash site.” the Facebook group said. “Victim reports Officer Bennerson Jr. later returned to crash site and offered no assistance to victims.”

According to the Virgin Islands Think Tank, the victims then asked Officer Bennerson Jr. to use his cell phone to call 911 (police) for help and Officer Bennerson Jr. refused to let victims use his cell phone.

Victim reports that Officer Bennerson Jr. told victims that he had already called 911 and help should be on its way.

Victim reports Government House Executive Security officers (Mapp’s body guards) were first to appear at crash site in unmarked black government vehicles instead of uniformed Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) officers and ambulance.

Victim reports her and her boyfriend that owns destroyed vehicle was left helpless on roadway despite requesting help.

Victim reports Government House Executive Security officers that responded to crash site offered no assistance to victims and only rendered assistance to Officer Bennerson Jr.

Victim reports how VIPD actually became aware of their horrific rear-end collision was by a passing by ambulance that was headed West on highway.

Victim reports ambulance driver stopped at crash site and asked victims what happened – were they ok.

Victim reports they told ambulance driver what happened and that Officer Bennerson Jr. told them he had already called police for help.

Victim reports ambulance driver told victims no one called 911 (police) because he would have heard the call for help on scanner inside of ambulance.

Victim reports ambulance driver then called VIPD to respond to crash site to investigate.

Victim reports ambulance drive then called for additional medical assistance to report to crash site to render emergency medical care.

Victim reports that ambulance transported her to emergency room for emergency medical treatment.

Victim reports no one from Virgin Islands Police Department or Governor’s Office has contacted victims to further investigate this horrific rear-end collision or to check on their welfare.

This is the second time we are learning of a similar situation involving the Government House Executive Security (Mapp’s body guards) team responding to an emergency involving employee of Governor Kenneth Mapp staff ahead of uniform officers of the VIPD.

The Virgin Islands Daily News reported on September 14, 2018 that Gregory Rafael Naar, Special Assistant to Governor Kenneth Mapp, was charged with beating and choking a woman. The Virgin Islands Free Press reported Naar did not call 911 but instead contacted Mapp’s bodyguards. The victim in this beaten reported Mapp’s security officers arrived at her home before V.I. police officers, according to the affidavit.

The Virgin Islands Think Tank said it is calling on Governor Kenneth Mapp and Police Commissioner Delroy Richards Sr. to commence an immediate investigation into this horrific crash and police misconduct.

“We are calling on Governor Mapp to reach out to the crash victims to assure them that you will do everything in your powers as Governor to make sure this accident will properly be investigated and not covered-up,” the Facebook group said.

“We are further calling for Commissioner Richards Sr. to strip all law enforcement credentials/government issued weapons from Officer Bennerson Jr. and any other police officer involved in this horrific crash that did not offer any emergency assistance to these crash victims.”

“Virgin Islands law enforcement officers take an oath of office to serve and protect the people of the Virgin Islands. Under no circumstance can rouge police officers be permitted to violate the public’s trust and remain on the Virgin Islands Police Department unless police misconduct is condone by Governor Kenneth Mapp and Commissioner Delroy Richards Sr.”

“Governor Kenneth Mapp’s Chief bodyguard Officer Gregory Bennerson Jr and his Government House Executive Security Team accomplices in this case remains on the job at tax payers’ expense despite their violation of oath to serve and protect the people of the Virgin Islands.”

This represents VIPD public corruption at the highest magnitude condone by Governor Kenneth Mapp and his Police Commissioner Delroy Richards Sr against the people of the United States Virgin Islands.

“Territory residents continue to demand justice. This travesty of justice against these victims by VIPD Officer Gregory Bennerson and his accomplices must not go unpunished. Had it been a private citizen, that person would have been arrested on the spot for leaving the scene of a tragic vehicle accident.”

“Governor Mapp and Police Commissioner Richards is making a mockery of citizens Constitutional Rights to ‘Equal Protection Under the Law.'”

“Virgin Islanders we can no longer tolerate a lawless administration that violates our United States Constitutional Rights.”

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