Mapp's $75 Million No-Bid Consultants Say Hurricanes Cost Territory $11 Billion

Mapp’s $75 Million No-Bid Consultants Say Hurricanes Cost Territory $11 Billion

WASHINGTON — Witt O’Brien’s LLC Governor Kenneth Mapp’s high-paid consultants, said yesterday that they have release their first-year progress report on the U.S. Virgin Islands’ recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

This report was issued by the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), with the support of Witt O’Brien’s, its “lead recovery consultant.”

The report is available at

In September 2017, these two Category 5 hurricanes devastated USVI. The territory lost power and communications, roads were washed out or blocked, and more than half the homes were damaged, leaving residents in the elements.

The economy came to a near standstill. In total, damage to the U.S. Virgin Islands’ housing, infrastructure and economy has been estimated to be $11 billion.

Key achievements during this first year of recovery include the following:

  • Power was restored within 100 days of the storms
  • Airports and cruise ship terminals reopened within 60 days of the storms
  • Public water distribution resumed within one month of the storms
  • Almost 1 million cubic yards of debris were collected within 6 months of the storms
  • Emergency repairs have been made to over 5,000 homes
  • Critical healthcare services were restored through emergency repairs and temporary modular centers
  • Students returned for the 2018-19 school year in repaired school buildings and new modular classrooms
  • First response communication systems were restored, private sector voice and data providers re-established most of the territory’s pre-storm capabilities
  • Tourism has rebounded quickly; reconstruction jobs and new industry are contributing to economic recovery
  • A key part of the recovery program is to enhance USVI’s resilience to future disasters, through hazard mitigation and infrastructure hardening
  • The Federal government has committed over $8 billion in recovery assistance, from Homeland Security (FEMA), Housing and Urban Development and over a dozen other agencies

“As this report demonstrates, we have made outstanding progress over the past year, including the courageous initial response to the disaster by our residents, local first responders, businesses and non-government organizations, and our Federal partners,” said USVI Governor Kenneth Mapp. “But rebuilding will not be easy, and a complete recovery will take years as we work to completely rebuild some of the most critical aspects of our infrastructure. An incredible amount of planning and coordination continues to take place as we prepare our Territory for the vast construction and rehabilitation ahead.”

“Virgin Islanders should be extremely proud of their recovery just one year after being hit with back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes,” added Brad Gair, Witt O’Brien’s lead executive for USVI recovery. “Having led many large-scale disaster recovery efforts, including Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Hurricane Sandy in New York City, I am extremely confident that the Virgin Islands will seize this transformational opportunity to build true resilience to future storms.”

It has been reported that the Mapp Administration has a no-bid $75 million contract with Witt O’Brien’s LLC of Houston, Texas to ensure the presumption of transparency during the hurricane recovery process in 2017.

To read more about Witt O’Brien’s LLC in the Virgin Islands Free Press:

Mapp's  Million No-Bid Consultants Say Hurricanes Cost Territory  Billion