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SATIRE FROM POKORNY: Here’s An Idea To Save GERS … Let’s Legalize Prostitution

Dear Editor:

I do not support the Governor’s attempt to amend the law to allow recreational use of marijuana. I listened to the Special Senate Session yesterday – the whole darn thing. A couple of observations. This smells like a progressive democrat agenda, led by a progressive democrat (Bryan). Proponents claim the legalization of marijuana in the states is an unstoppable trend. In reality, it is nothing more than a few hardcore progressive democrat states in the US that made it legal. The VI is just following their lead – a new way to raise tax money, while allowing people to get high, really high. Oh, and for the unfortunate one’s rotting in prison due to simple possession convictions, they get a Get Out of Jail Free pass.

Having said that, it seems many in the senate figured out the good governor was hiding behind “Saving GERS and letting flocks out of prison” – it is the carrot being waved to the public. Several seemed offended by the emotional lies. First, as was pointed out – the VI doesn’t even have a ticket to issue someone smoking illegal marijuana, and no one, to Senator Gitten’s knowledge, has ever been arrested for simple possession. So, there is no one in prison to let out for this offense!

Second, the administration claims that $20 million in new annual tax revenue will be generated from tourists. I contend it is grossly overestimated.

I would suggest the administration do some basic research among cruise ship passengers. They use the assumption that since 8.7% of the population in states where it is legal use marijuana to get high, we can expect 10% of cruise ship passengers will buy a day pass for $10 and decided to do the same. This is just plain fantasy, or worse. Check the research facts @; they have tracked drug use each year in the US since 1975. Marijuana use is heavily skewed towards people under 30 years of age, most heavily in their 20s. I have taken my share of cruises in the Caribbean, just got off one two weeks ago – the average cruise passenger is either a younger family with kids or older adults: 45+. The GVI would be lucky if 3% of passengers would be interested in using.

Now the real joke, except it isn’t funny. So there are a few who might want to come into port to get high. Consider this scenario: First they get their pass on-line for $10. Then they get to port. They need to get to the dispensary and to a smoking lounge – there are only 7 approved lounge locations in STT and STX. Since the Bill says it can’t be anywhere near the port (what luck, the

Taxi Association benefits from this), they will need to take transportation to a marijuana smoking lounge. They make their marijuana purchase from the dispensary (at a price not yet identified, with a THC level not yet defined) now they are going to sit in some “lounge” and proceed to get high. Maybe even listen to some Bob Marley music. Then they get back on a bus to port. Sounds like a great day in St. Thomas, the basin’s #1 rated cruise ship port, according to industry data. Total cost: $10 day pass, $40 taxi (there and back), THC / marijuana purchase: $30 (I guess) = you are smoking dope if you think this will raise $20 million. You would think that Bryan already knows this.

The senators said they need to do a cost/benefit analysis. The cost: sacrifice the next generation of youth, the benefit – a few tax dollars.

If you still think legalizing marijuana is a great idea; maybe you’ll like the idea to legalize prostitution to save WAPA. I mean it is legal in Nevada and they have low electric rates there.

Why not turn the VI into Pottersville for real……

–GARY POKORNY on December 19, 2019

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