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Ziggy’s Island Market In Solitude Has Lowest-Priced Gas @ $2.39 Per Gallon: DLCA

CHRISTIANSTED — The Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) is notifying the public of the latest wholesale or “rack rate” price for fuel from Gulf Oil Pricing and Limetree Bay.

Currently, only retailers on St. Croix purchase fuel from Limetree Bay.  The rack rate is the price used by refineries sell gasoline to wholesale gasoline sellers and/or gas stations.

For the period between March 16 to 22, Gulf Oil Pricing and LimeTree Bay “rack” prices are 1.3500 for regular, 1.5600 for premium and 1.64000 for diesel (ULSD).

Rack rates reflects the St. Croix district only. As soon as the rack rate for St. Thomas/St. John is available, DLCA said it will release the information. 

Territory-wide, the lowest price for self service is at Ziggy’s Island Market in Estate Solitude on St. Croix at $2.39 per gallon, according to DLCA.

“What is DLCA doing about this?” unsuccessful 2018 lieutenant governor candidate Edgar Bengoa said today. “We’re being RAPED at the pump. Gas station owners are profiting around $1.65 a gallon. I wanna see which gas station owner has the ‘BALLS’ to drop the prices. It’s time!!!!!!!!”

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