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Planning An Incredible Virgin Islands Road Trip

Photo by William Christen on Unsplash

Two million people visit the Virgin Islands every year and the islands thrive on tourism. Many people opt for package tours, or a beach holiday, but if you really want to experience the diverse landscapes and communities on the island, then a road trip is the way to go. You will be able to explore the islands, from the coastline with it’s crystal-clear blue waters, to the glorious Virgin Islands National Park, at your own pace and enjoy a leisurely vacation. 

Before you set off

The roads in the Virgin Islands can be extremely hilly in places and the terrain is often rough, so you may want to  thoroughly research the car that you are going to rent. Compare the recent reviews so that you end up with the most suitable vehicle that is able to handle the terrain. St. John is  a good place to start a road trip, it is incredibly scenic as the roads wind into the hills. You can explore Trunk Bay, with its picture-perfect white sand and take a pitstop whilst you visit the beach. From Trunk Bay, it is worth then heading to the Annaberg Sugar Plantation, the ruins of an 18th Century plantation.  

Virgin Islands National Park

No road trip would be complete without a visit to the Virgin Islands National Park, which covers more than 60 percent of the islands. From the Annaberg Plantation, head west along North Shore Drive to Cruz Bay where you can enter the park. There are a number of beautiful trails that you can hike along, or you can go with a guide who will show you the sights.  The Bordeaux Mountain Trail will take you right to the very highest peak of the Virgin Islands — and the view is incredible. The Reef Bay Trail is also incredibly popular, as it takes you through beautiful forest areas to a spring-fed waterfall. 

A trip to St Croix

If you are island hopping on your road trip, it is worth spending some time on  the island of St Croix. You can visit the landmark Fort Frederik, which was built in 1752 to protect the islanders from pirates. Then driving north from there, you can visit Salt River Bay National Historical Park, which is an amazing place for kayaking and snorkeling. There are also some amazing archaeological sites giving you a fascinating history of the island.  
A road trip is the ideal way to explore the Virgin Islands.

You can explore at your own pace and enjoy a laid-back vacation. 

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