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St. Croix Native Black Woman Arrested For ‘Hate Crime’ After Health Officer’s Mask Citation Of Bartender

CHARGED WITH HATE CRIME AGAINST BLACK HEALTH WORKER: St. Croix native black woman Nathalie Hollins, 51, of Morningstar, St. Croix.

CHRISTIANSTED — A Health Department peace officer said a St. Croix native black woman called him names and allegedly spit on him in a time of coronavirus — and was arrested. A white man alleged accomplice was arrested a day later.

Nathalie Hollins, 51, of Estate Morningstar, was arrested about 9 p.m Saturday and charged with third-degree assault, the Virgin Islands Police Department said just before midnight on Tuesday.

Hollins, the daughter of top-producing St. Croix real estate broker Marcia Hollins of Jamaica and late Tide Village developer-builder Percy J. Hollins III of Canada is an in-demand singer-actress talent with the Caribbean Community Theater in Orange Grove who was trained in the performing arts as part of an American university exchange program with Russia.

James Bildahl, 27, police said “of no fixed address,” was also charged with third-degree assault after the alleged name-calling incident at Spratnet Bar & Grill in Cane Bay on Saturday night. Bildahl was arrested at 4 p.m. Sunday.

SURF’S UP: James Bildahl

Wanson Harris, the Virgin Islands Director of Environmental Health, said that he was called a “black monkey” by someone at the Spratnet Bar & Grill, and effectuated the arrest of Hollins after she became “belligerent,” according to a sworn affidavit filed in Superior Court.

Harris said Cane Bay-area restaurants had been singled out by the government for inspections and that he observed the bartender at Spratnet was not wearing a face mask about 7:15 p.m. Saturday and was attempting to cite her under COVID-19 protocols.

When St. Croix native Hollins and Bildahl attempted to defend the white female bartender — the black woman was arrested by the Virgin Islands Department of Health. Bildahl, who allegedly pushed Harris away as he tried to arrest Hollins, was arrested the next day.

Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. said that he approved of the Gestapo tactics employed by the VIDOH in this targeted sting operation of Cane Bay businesses and that any person who interferes with the workings of a VIDOH officer will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Bryan added that he closed Spratnet “indefinitely” after the alleged name-calling incident.

“Absolutely, they were shut down,” Bryan told the Virgin Islands Daily News, adding that the “staff and patrons’ actions” were “not acceptable in every regard.”

Hollins and Bildahl were released following advice-of-rights hearings pending further court action.

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