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U.S. Virgin Islands Added To New York’s ‘Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine’ List

ALBANY, N.Y. — Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that the U.S. Virgin Islands and two states have been added to New York’s mandatory 14-day quarantine travel list.

Four states, Alaska, New Mexico, Ohio and Rhode Island have now been removed from the list.

“Our numbers continue to remain low and steady, which shows this virus will respond to an approach based on science, not politics. In order to protect this progress, we must keep up our efforts – we cannot go back to the hell we experienced a few months ago, which is why we are adding Hawaii, South Dakota and Virgin Islands to the travel advisory,” said Governor Cuomo.

Below is the full, updated travel advisory list:

• Alabama

• Arkansas

• Arizona

• California

• Florida

• Georgia

• Hawaii

• Iowa

• Idaho

• Illinois

• Indiana

• Kansas

• Kentucky

• Louisiana

• Maryland

• Minnesota

• Missouri

• Mississippi

• Montana

• North Carolina

• North Dakota

• Nebraska

• Nevada

• Oklahoma

• Puerto Rico

• South Carolina

• South Dakota

• Tennessee

• Texas

• Utah

• Virginia

• Virgin Islands

• Wisconsin

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