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Rainbow Beach Partiers Who Left Garbage Behind For Others To Clean Up Earns Wrath On Facebook Today

Rainbow Beach Partiers Who Left Garbage Behind For Others To Clean Up Earns Wrath On Facebook Today

Photo by: Charlita Schuster

FREDERIKSTED — People who held a party at Rainbow Beach yesterday in contravention to COVID-19 protocols — and then left their garbage there — have drawn the wrath and disgust of concerned citizens on social media this morning.

“Did you leave your trash at our Beautiful Rainbow Beach yesterday after your big party and left it there for us to enjoy your mess?” St. Croix businesswoman Charlita Schuster said on Facebook. “We saw you there, now go back and clean it up .. ,PLEASE !!!”

(Concerned citizen photo by: Charlita Schuster)

Most people commenting on social media were plain outraged — others said the government should clean it up — and others still speculated on the laxness of coronavirus protocols that largely go unenforced in the territory.

“Keep beach cleaning in Virgin Island,” Vernassa George said.

“Some people just STINK,” Kenneth Moolenaar, Jr. said.

“Disgraceful..” Marvin Forbes wrote.

“I hate that people don’t respect our beaches,” Ruthfania Gabriel said. “SMH.”

To Charlita Schuster: “WE COMMEND YIU WITH YOUR PHOTO JOURNALISM. Although we don’t condone racism, if we owned beachfront properties, we’d advocate for the government to monitor and issue fines to those littering because that’s why some beachfront property owners deny access to public beaches. They have to personally clean the beaches themselves. THIS IS UNFAIR, PERIOD!” ALSO, WE CAN IMAGINE THE CDC’S AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS’ COVID-19 GUIDELINES WERE IGNORED, PERIOD!” —Charles Nibbs and Anita M. Gibbs said in a joint statement

To Charles Nibbs: “Who ever brings trash should leave with their own trash if there is no garbage receptacle around….period. I wouldn’t go to no ones house create garbage and walk off and leave it there, I wasn’t raised that way. Race has nothing to do with it.” Anita Brady Watson replied.

“One don’t have to do with the other,” Kenneth Moolenaar, Jr. said. “If you’re NASTY YOU’RE NASTY THATS IT.”

“Nasty pigs!” Raquel Racky Saldana said.

“WOW!” Maureen Brown wrote.

“For the record, housekeeping at open beaches is our (we the people) responsibility,” Chenzira Kahina said. #keepourbeachesclean

“You know if deh dat nasty in public, can you imagine how nasty deh be in deh own home?!!!” Gerville Larsen said.

“Hey Greetings I’m With Everybody bringing there Own Trash Bags: an Cleaning UP! After Events is This Also Telling us why Our Government!!!” Cedric Milliner said. “Don’t have Trash Cans at all These Beaches, just Like All the Other Corporate Outlets? Just 1,s Opinion Peace.”

“Wow.” Ivor Shyne Chiverton wrote.

“Nasty people,” Helen Schjang said.

“Need to start giving them fines,” Anita Brady Watson said. “Waste Management needs to get involved.”

“That’s not the first time…many times actually and it’s disheartening,” Anita Brady Watson added.

“Nonsense,” Carol Burke said.

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