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Complaints About Loud Music Emanating From Gmax Gas Station Ignored By VIPD

Complaints About Loud Music Emanating From Gmax Gas Station Ignored By VIPD

CHRISTIANSTED — St. Croix residents living in Golden Rock say their complaints about loud music have fallen upon the deaf ears of local police.

Monica Shaw said in the private Facebook group “St. Croix Sync Tank” that she called 911 dispatchers based in Kingshill to report loud music blaring from vehicles at Gmax Gas Station, but was told that police have bigger fish to fry tonight.

“Well after three calls to 911 about the excessive loud vehicle music at the G-Max gas station, and despite having VIPD moonlighting as security .between 1am and 2:30 am 911 informed us that there were no available units in the whole east end of st Croix to respond because of an ongoing ‘high profile’ investigation,” Shaw said. Meanwhile we In the condo community will just go without sleep.”

Some St. Croix residents said on social media that you can sometimes mediate a dispute about loud music late at night.

“I guess we’re blessed living downtown,” Sarah Bear said on Facebook. “Locals chill outside, play some music but never too loud and off by 11pm always. If we got a problem, someone says something and everyone is pretty respectful and kind.”

After Ms. Shaw’s comments tonight, one has to wonder who the VIPD is sworn to “serve and protect?” Is it ordinary citizens? Or wealthy landowners, landlords and business owners who pay cops “off the books” when they are no longer “on duty?”

Gmax Gas Station is located in the space previously occupied by Golden Wok Chinese Food Restaurant kitty corner from Pueblo Supermarket across from the Golden Rock Shopping Center.
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