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VIPD Releases Its 3-Year Strategic Plan

VIPD Releases Its 3-Year Strategic Plan

FREDERIKSTED — The Virgin Islands Police Department would like to express gratitude to community stakeholders and its employees for input and the spirit of engagement during the development of its 2021 — 2014 Strategic Plan. The process to develop and sustain a holistic strategic plan required time and effort. The results yielded a three-year plan focused on crime reduction, constitutional policing, community trust, and capacity building as centric focuses.

As the primary law enforcement agency in the Territory, VIPD’s mission is to protect people and property. The employees embrace the core values of professionalism, accountability, communication, respect, and integrity as public servants. The men and women of VIPD remain steadfast to focus on the strategic goals centered around the reduction of crime with a comprehensive approach, improve operations through constitutional policing, build trust in the community by increasing community policing and engagements, and strengthen our workforce capacity with enhanced recruitment to attract quality professionals.

The comprehensive development of this plan would not have been possible without the support of our employees and the community. Although the Virgin Islands is comprised of four islands: St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas and Water Island, we are ONE United States Virgin Islands – “Stronger Together.”

The complete 2021-2024 Strategic Plan is available for viewing on our website at

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