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Seaside Market Needs To Dial Down Rap Music, Nutter Butter Gutter Talk In Store

This is an open letter to the owners and management of Seaside Market & Deli in Estate Mount Welcome.

You need to take back control of your Gallows Bay specialty store which has been overrun by anti-social Creole-speaking Caribbean natives who spout foul language at will and play expletive-laced reggaeton and gangster rap music over your store’s sound system — for their own delight and the customer’s disgust.

One young ‘lady,” who is morbidly obese with glasses, delights in making noise by dragging chairs loudly in the customer dining area, yelling at the top of her lungs on private phone calls, obviously talking to her boyfriend on her coffee break speaking about how she doesn’t wear panties and that if he had only seen her last night in her outfit at the club “you would have come in your pants when you first saw me.” This modest, elegant Seaside cashier doesn’t look to see if children are present in the dinette before she launches into her X-rated provocations of her boyfriend (she obviously trusts him very little while she is away at work, because she calls him on every break to check up on him and make sure that he is not at that very moment cheating on her.)

These too-rude employees, mostly the Creole-speaking ones — look through you if you ask them a question and insolently refuse to answer any business-related question. These folks from Dominica or St. Kitts and Nevis are polluting the atmosphere of your once delightful deli … one Creole-speaking Caribbean woman who works as a barista and dodges customers for her cell phone or the bathroom when they plaintively beg her to make a coffee for them had a nasty cough in the eating area recently … a cough so congested and phlegm-filled that even if it isn’t COVID-19 it is obviously something that needs to be cured at home before returning to work and infecting fellow employees and Seaside customers alike.

Ironically, it is the Crucian male workers at Seaside who are the most sociable, hard-working and willing to help. One bagger does double duty because his female counterparts often balk at serving customers in the long lines that form inside the store because most employees there don’t want to work. Seaside management, you get what you pay for. If you insist on doing everything on the cheap and paying your employees the lowest minimum wage allowed by law … this is what can expect for a staff.

Careful. All those empty spaces in your parking lot aren’t because of COVID-19 alone. It’s Benito Cereno time at Seaside Market. Either the management is running the store or the employees are. Choose wisely. Successful St. Croix businesses can only run on auto-pilot for so long. You have a good thing going there in terms of a gang-buster business. You are making money hand over fist and laughing all the way to the bank while doing the least things possible to ensure that that continues to happen for you. But the more you turn off your loyal customer base with rude workers the more your customers are going to turn up their noses at you and shop elsewhere —. to preserve their own inner peace, self-respect and dignity.

Percy B. Shelley

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

EDITOR’S NOTE: Public opinion on social media was largely in favor of the staff and management of Seaside Market & Deli. This comment was representative.

“Yea Percy B. Shelby needs to go back home. Simple. Cause this ain’t your home. Idk why these folks come here to OUR home and like to dictate what or how people run they business. You come and meet them there. If you don’t like it then stay home. Or go on a plane to your real home. The VI is the melting pot of the Caribbean. Learn about the islands. Do some research about the culture! But you see they see nice beaches and amazing homes and come here to tell the locals where they shouldn’t work or furthermore saying they rude cause they have a down island accent. Sickening.” — Kiara James of St. Croix.

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