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Senators Fly To Boondoggles All Over The United States: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

The VI senators are in a Traveling Spree going numerous conferences. They are  living a good lifestyle by staying at expensive  hotels  eating at exclusive restaurants having fun at nightclubs with the tax payers  money. All of this is happening while many in the VI are still struggling.

September 27-30 Seatrade Cruise Global In Miami

October 25-28 Cannabis Summit in Denver

November 2-5 National Conference of State Legislatures Conference in Tampa

November 30-December 3 National Black Caucus State Legislators Conference in Atlanta

Senators need to say how much of the tax payers money each trip has cost.  They could have fix the road with it.

–Commentary by Larry PR

EDITOR’S NOTE: Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. also attended the Cannabis Summit in Denver, Colorado in late October.

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