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EU-Caribbean Leaders’ Meeting: Joining Forces For A Full COVID-19 Recovery

EU-Caribbean Leaders' Meeting: Joining Forces For A Full COVID-19 Recovery

BRUSSELS — Leaders from the European Union (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) met virtually yesterday.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, chaired the meeting, representing the EU alongside President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell also took part in the meeting. The Heads of State/Government of seven LAC countries, holding the presidencies of regional and sub-regional organizations in 2021 participated in the meeting.  

President Michel said: “Today’s Leaders’ Meeting is an important step to relaunch the dialogue between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean at the highest level, after a 6-year hiatus. We hope it will also be a stepping-stone towards a fully-fledged bi-regional Summit as soon as conditions allow. More than ever, our strategic association is one of geopolitical relevance: together, EU and LAC account for nearly a third of UN membership and seven members of the G20. We can therefore have a decisive role in shaping the multilateral agenda and in addressing key global challenges such as COVID-19, sustainable development and climate change.”

President von der Leyen said: “Our regions are vital partners. We share culture and values, we are supporters of multilateralism, and we connect through trade and investment. Building on these ties the EU is ready work together with Latin America and the Caribbean for a sustainable, digital and socially inclusive recovery. The Global Gateway Strategy, that we just launched, can take this partnership forward. It is a template how Europe can build more resilient connections with partners around the world. During the corona pandemic, the EU and its Member States have proved their solidarity. We have supported countries in the region with vaccines to address urgent health care needs as well as funding to tackle the socio-economic consequences, particularly among the most vulnerable groups. We must now work together for a long-term response to the crisis.”

Building on the EU-LAC Informal Ministerial Meeting held in Berlin on December 14, 2020, Leaders held discussions on the theme of “Joining Forces for a Sustainable post-COVID Recovery.”

During this meeting, EU leaders:

SOURCE: European Commission

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