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North Shore Road Is A ‘Death Trap’ Angry St. Croix Residents Complain On Facebook

North Shore Road Is A 'Death Trap' Angry St. Croix Residents Complain On Facebook

CANE BAY — North Shore Road (officially Sidney Lee Road) is a “death trap” — especially trying to drive it at night — St. Croix residents angrily complained on social media this weekend.

Teams of 45-inch high warning bollards with heavyweight rubber bases are stacked at the edge of particularly rough stretches of a St. Croix road that meanders west from Morningstar to historic Salt River Bay, Cane Bay, Davis Bay (Carambola Resort) — eventually leading all the scenic way to Annaly Bay.

Some fluorescent orange and white flexible rubber posts with round yellow reflectors dot potholes along the popular, “long and winding road” made famous by the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.”

Warning bollards have been placed by the government along the North Shore Road from Cane Bay leading to the Carambola Resort.

“North Shore Road/Sidney Lee is a death trap,” Terry Kubal Anderson said. “With these huge barricades sitting in the middle of huge potholes. Try driving this road at night!”

Anderson, writing in the Facebook group “St Croix Check In,” said federal money was “budgeted for North Shore/Sidney Lee Road repairs but of course it wasn’t done.”

“I’d say that money disappeared,” she said. “This is a main road to the North Shore and it the worst main road I’ve been on. I’m sure the tourists are thinking, are we in a Third World country?”

Photos of the North Shore Road by Terry Kubal Anderson

And other obviously upset St. Croix residents agreed with Anderson on social media this weekend.

“I always says until the FBI don’t stand and arrest every thief and stop corruption this will be going on and on,” Vivian Linares said. “See what they (FBI) doing with Puerto Rico. They Need to come St. Croix.”

“Local politicians have to call in the feds but 90 percent have their hands in the cookie jar,” Bin Hameen said. “It’s why the place look like it does …gov is a puppet … it’s why people have to come out and vote corruption out.”

“Money was budgeted to repair and pave every road on the Island including neighborhoods,” Madilene Torres said. “Too bad Government can’t stop using their magic wand to disappear the money from the budget to their pockets.”

“The government need to be held accountable, public works should be ashamed of themselves,” Melinda Y. Johannes said.

“I have been commenting on Facebook pages for the past couple of weeks,” Joan Altamore Myers said. “I tried filing a Complaint with our delegate but her page won’t accept my physical address. I did file a complaint with the Transportation Department last week.”

“I know a couple people that lost a wheel to a blowout on this road,” Tim Gilbertson said.

A portion of the North Shore Road on St. Croix close up.
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