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2 Caribbean Countries Make State Department’s Do Not Travel List

2 Caribbean Countries Make State Department's Do Not Travel List

WILLEMSTAD — Two Caribbean countries made the U.S. State Departments do not travel list because of the COVID-19 omicron variant.

Barely two weeks into the new year, the State Department has already issued nearly 40 new advisories that warn Americans against traveling to certain countries.

That includes 23 advisories alone that are either new or updated just in the past week, including several tagged with the Level 4 designation as a high-risk destination.

Belarus, Canada, Curacao, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Jamaica were all given Level 4 warnings. Three were related to COVID and are among the most popular places for Americans to visit – Canada, which of course shares a lengthy border with the U.S., and Curacao and Jamaica, two popular Caribbean destinations for cruise ship travelers, coming at a time when the cruise industry is again dealing with outbreaks of the virus and making itinerary adjustments.

The other Level 4 warnings were due to domestic terrorism in Indonesia, a capricious enforcement of laws – especially for tourists – in Belarus, and civil unrest in Ethiopia.

The nations of Peru, Zimbabwe, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Rwanda, Lesotho, El Salvador, DR Congo, Cabo Verde, Bahrain and Armenia were all classified as Level 3 risks by the State Dept. Level 3 calls for avoiding non-essential travel.

Level 2 – practice enhanced precautions – was the designation given to Togo, Sao Tome and Principe, Liberia, Kuwait and Fiji. There have been no new or updated Level 1 warnings.

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