Baby Logan Cruz Loses Battle With Leukemia

Baby Logan Cruz Loses Battle With Leukemia

FREDERIKSTED — Baby Logan Cruz, after an intense two-year battle, succumbed to leukemia Friday. Despite numerous treatments and many painful months, the toddler was unable to defeat the aggressive disease.

His death opened up a groundswell of emotion from politicians and residents alike, who sent condolence messages to his family via the website, Logan Miracle Foundation, set up by his mother, as well as via their own social network pages.

“Sleep in peace little warrior. You fought the good fight. Your story has and will continue to inspire and motivate the masses,” Dwane Callwood of St. Thomas wrote about the toddler, whose family resides on St. Croix.

It was Christmas Day during a trip to Florida, when the then 7-month-old Logan was showing signs of distress. After two trips to the emergency room, Logan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of B-cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), which is the most common leukemia, a type of blood cancer caused by the early formation of an excess of white blood cells produced by bone marrow. This affects the way the body’s organs work and can lead to organ failure.

Logan was admitted to the intensive care unit at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and in the two years since, according to his mother, Anais, had received multiple blood and platelet transfusions, bone marrow tests, multiple spinal taps and countless chemotherapy treatments, often experiencing excruciating bone pain, hair loss, constant nausea and vomiting.

The Logan Miracle Foundation GoFundMe page was established to help provide financial support during Logan’s continued treatment.

More recently, because of his lowered immune system, Logan developed a serious bacterial infection. He had surgery the day after Christmas and last week, they had found enough donors for the multiple transfusions he needed. Still, the disease and the bacteria ultimately became too much for Baby Logan to fight.

Sen. Samuel Carrion was among the many paying tribute, saying his office joined the rest of the Virgin Islands “in remembering the life of Baby Logan.”

“Logan was an everyday superhero who taught us that miracles truly are possible,” the St. Croix senator wrote. “His fighting spirit inspired others and his bright demeanor brought light to our lives.”

Petra Victor, who lives on St. Croix, and founded the cancer education organizations, expressed condolences on behalf of the community.

“Ribbons for Cure, Inc. joins the entire community in mourning the loss of 2-year old Logan Monsanto,” she wrote. “We extend our love and prayers to his mother, Anais Monsanto, who bravely stood by his side and shared his journey through the Logan Miracle Foundation.”

Iana Pharoah Malone captured much of how the V.I. community felt on Friday upon hearing the news posting online: “You were so little but yet impacted the community in such a BIG and major way!”

“You fought a great fight, but God had other plans for you. We may be pouring out our emotions, but you’ll forever be in our hearts,” she wrote. “May you suffer no more, and sleep in comfort and peace.”

By LORI ABBOTT/The Virgin Islands Daily News