Taxpayer: Bryan Ignores Ordinary People's Everyday Misery From His Ivory Tower

Taxpayer: Bryan Ignores Ordinary People’s Everyday Misery From His Ivory Tower

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — A frequent reader of the Virgin Islands Free Press had some strong words for the governor after seeing a Government House promotion on Facebook for his upcoming State of the Territory Address.

Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. will speak directly to the most important people in the U.S. Virgin Islands face-to-face when they are crammed into a standing-room-only setting at the Virgin Islands Legislature building in St. Thomas on Monday.

The V.I. Free Press reader, Ruby Atary, charged that Governor Bryan is out of touch with the misery ordinary people experience every day during their daily lives due to chief executive’s “neglect” of the major infrastructure problems in the territory.

“Governor. Sir, You need to drive around the island and see what’s happening and how public work fixed nicely and smoothly one public road and public neighborhood roads and skip one and the ones they fixed nicely where all the high positions peoples lives in that fixed road and we the tax and high government fees payers they skip our roads we don’t have a choice either hit our vehicles in these deep potholes and use our mortgage rent food money specially when we are single moms who have to work and serve and feed our kids we end up paying high payment to the mechanics or we drive on the neighbors lots to avoid the potholes and next morning we get cursed (the morning curse) while we are heading to work to serve the community and make sure we pays our government fees (duties) and taxes fees on time for the big position people can get there high big paid salaries on time,” Atary said.

Taxpayer: Bryan Ignores Ordinary People's Everyday Misery From His Ivory Tower
V.I. Department of Public Works photo of Route 104 in Cruz Bay on St. John.

“Mr Governor. We stood up next to you and supported for the first term hoping we will see the changes and end this corruption who you know and who have friends and family working in the government department. We as private small busses owners we are the one who got slapped from all triangles. Please consider us as well. Thank you and we will re think about the next term after. Please listen to the peoples ( we ) we are the Virgin Islanders we are not the enemy or the strangers. We are suffering.”