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St. Croix Woman Alerted To Burglar At The Door By Video Doorbell In The Wee Hours, She Says

St. Croix Woman Alerted To Burglar At The Door By Video Doorbell In The Wee Hours, She Says

Screenshot from video doorbell.

CHRISTIANSTED — When Mr. Wolf arrives at the door in Pulp Fiction, it’s a good thing.

When Mr. Wolf arrives at the door in St. Croix … maybe not so much.

A concerned St. Croix homeowner said she arrived home late Thursday night and minutes after she entered her residence, she got a notification from her video doorbell that someone was at her front door.

Whitney Frederick of Austin, Texas posted in the private Facebook group St. Croix – Check In — in her own words — what it was like to confront a burglar just outside her house in Christiansted town after midnight.

“So last night as I rolled in my front door, within two minutes of turning the key to lock the door and flicking off my porch lights, I get another notification of motion sensed and when I look it’s this man peaking through my window which you don’t see in the first video because RING is the most inconvenient piece of tool provided (video completely freezes as you see him walk past my door to the window),” Frederick said. “I walked in at 1:19 a.m. and he pulled on to my porch 1:21 a.m.”

Whitney Frederick (left) and Jose Enrique “Lobo Malo” Encarnacion (right).

Frederick alleged that the trespasser’s name is Jose Enrique “Lobo Malo” Encarnacion of Western Suburb in St. Croix.

“The second video is him walking off my porch after me speaking through the device. He didn’t run or nothing….he literally still continued to sauce out the place as he made his way away from my apartment. Please be aware ladies His name is : Lobo Malo on Facebook lives near cemetery area goes by the name Wolf or something of that nature Has tattoos , one small one by his eye on both sides Hispanic Frequent customer at Coco loco bar and Circle Bar Frequent on the boardwalk Always wearing a do-rag /cap like in video on his head.”

Readers of the Virgin Islands Free Press on social media had some food for thought.

“Don’t know his motives, but burglars don’t typically arrive right after you get home…and he wasn’t there to vape. Hint hint- just saying…” Mark Christian said.

“Three time I saw someone at my door around two am! Freaks!” Carol A. Atwell Thomas said.

“Wow, thank goodness for cameras,” Morlene A. Lockhart said.

“Did you go to the police?” Judy Turney asked.

The words “Lobo Malo” mean “bad wolf in Spanish. According to the info Whitney provided, Jose also goes by the nicknames “Junito” and “KIKO.” is a video doorbell home security system.

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