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Government Mails Out $12.5M In Tax Refunds Today

Government Mails Out $12.5M In Tax Refunds Today

CHARLOTTE AMALIE A St. Croix Senator said some of taxpayer’s income tax refund payments from the Virgin Islands government were put in the mail today.

“I welcome the good news delivered by Finance Commissioner Bosede Bruce ahead of her budget testimony in the Finance Committee today that $12.5 million in income tax return payments were mailed out this morning and another $12.5 million is expected to be sent out next week to taxpayers,” Senator Kenneth L. “Kenny” Gittens said.

The commissioner announced that today’s disbursements includes payments for prior years and into returns filed for 2020, according to Senator Gittens.

It was welcome news to taxpayers who took the news in stride on social media today.

“Hopefully with past due interest included … it is good that the government is paying its overdue debts, but it should hardly be a matter for congratulations,” David Silverman said. “Debts should be paid when due, not overdue.”

“Retirees owed monies way back when. Overdue big time,” Daphne McIntosh-Rodriguez said.

“Great news but Why is it that they always say prior years if they supposed to be refunding 2020 something never right when some ppl are still waiting on prior years while others have received 2020 n 2021 how?” Marsha Lewis asked.

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