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HOLY HOUDINI! Double-Jointed Destruction Of Property Suspect Shows Cops How He Slipped Off Handcuffs When Recaptured By Police

KINGSHILL — A St. Croix man wanted on a domestic violence charge might have missed his calling as an escape artist because he easily shed his handcuffs when first detained, authorities said.

Akil Simmonds, 31, was re-arrested at 7:18 p.m. Wednesday in Estate Glynn and charged with destructions of property-domestic violence, disturbance by threats and escape from custody, the Virgin Islands Police Department said.

VIPD Communications Director Glen Dratte told the Virgin Islands Free Press today that Simmonds was able to get out of the handcuffs because of the hyperlaxity of his hand.

“He’s real slim and double jointed, he was able to bend his thumb, and slip his wrist and fingers through the handcuffs,” Dratte explained. “He illustrated that to the officers.” 

VIPD mugshot of Akil Simmonds

No bail was set as per the domestic violence statute. Simmonds was remanded to the John Bell Adult Correctional Facility pending an advice-of-rights hearing. 

St. Croix Deputy Chief Uston Cornelius thanked the community for providing information, the patrol officers and the Special Operations Bureau Team “who pounded the pavement for the last 24 hours until Simmonds was apprehended.”  

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