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Google Doodle Celebrated The Birth of Steel Pan on Tuesday

Google Doodle Celebrated The Birth of Steel Pan on Tuesday
A new animation, served to millions today on Google’s homepage, tells the fascinating history of a great percussion instrument – the steelpan.

PORT OF SPAIN Google has published a new Doodle (see YouTube video below) in celebration of the steelpan, a popular percussion tool and the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday.

Trinidad & Tobago-based artist Nicholas Huggins, who illustrated the Doodle, said he hopes “people can take away the sense of the industriousness and creativity of the people of Trinidad & Tobago.

“We are a small country on the global stage but the fact that we have given the world such a beautiful instrument is something to be held in the highest regard.”

What is a steelpan?

steelpan is a big, silver metal drum, often supported on a stand and played with two straight sticks.

The instrument was created by Trinbagonians – people of Trinidad & Tobago – in the 1930s and is recognised today as one of the only major acoustic musical instruments to be invented in the 20th century.

On July 26, 1951, the Trinidad All-Steel Pan Percussion Orchestra (TASPO) performed at the Festival of Britain, and in doing so introduced the steelpan and a new music genre to the world.

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