Man Tagged For DUI Works As A 'Health Coordinator' For FEMA

Man Tagged For DUI Works As A ‘Health Coordinator’ For FEMA

FREDERIKSTED — The man arrested in connection to a DUI incident this weekend works as a “health coordinator” for FEMA, the Virgin Islands Free Press has learned.

Andre Gregory Ettienne, 49, of Hannah’s Rest told police that he is employed for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in that capacity.

Etienne explained to arresting officers who found him slumped over the steering wheel and drooling that he only had a few glasses of wine at a Karaoke

event being held at Geno’s Bar.

Man Tagged For DUI Works As A 'Health Coordinator' For FEMA
VIPD mugshot of FEMA’s “health coordinator” on St. Croix, Andre Gregory Ettienne

The FEMA health coordinator was arrested at 12:34 a.m. Friday and charged with driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, the Virgin Islands Police Department said.

Officers responded about 12:03 a.m. to a call of a disabled driver near the supermarket formerly known as Plaza Extra West in Frederiksted.

Officers on the scene found the driver with his head slumped on the steering wheel with the car engine running and the headlights on, Superior Court records indicate.

“The driver, who was later identified as Andre G. Ettienne, was slouched forward with drool falling from his mouth,” the probable cause fact sheet states. “He was the only occupant inside of the vehicle and I observed that the driver’s window was in the down position.”

Man Tagged For DUI Works As A 'Health Coordinator' For FEMA
VIPD booking photo of Andre Gregory Ettienne of Hannah’s Rest on St. Croix.

The officer said that he yelled out to Ettienne, and got no response, according to the sworn affidavit filed by the VIPD.

“I then banged on the car where I did get a response from Mr. Ettienne,” the probable cause fact sheet states. “I observed Mr. Ettienne had red and glossy eyes and the smell of alcohol coming from his person.”

Officers asked Ettienne was asked to step out of the vehicle, which he did.

“Once Mr. Ettienne was out of the vehicle, he stated that he was coming from Geno’s Bar where they had Karaoke and consumed three glasses of wine around 10 p.m.,” the probable cause fact sheet states.

The suspect failed three different field sobriety tests, according to the sworn police affidavit. He also consented to a chemical test of his breath that revealed his blood alcoholic content (BAC) was .095%.

Etienne was transported to the Wilbur Francis Police Command Station, where he was advised of his Miranda Rights, booked and released after surrendering his driver’s license in lieu of bail.

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