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SUMO TOURISM? Feel The Full ‘Weight’ of Puerto Rico’s New Diversity Campaign

SUMO TOURISM? Feel The Full 'Weight' of Puerto Rico's New Diversity Campaign

SAN JUAN  — Puerto Rico is asking you to “Discover Puerto Rico” in all of its unique beauty with its new tourism campaign emphasizing the individuality of its peoples.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company says that when you visit the “Emerald Isle,” you might even end up seeing some charming young ladies like the one seen below in this photo.

Discover Puerto Rico, alongside the local tourism industry, is proud to unveil Live Boricua, a new campaign that invites visitors to experience the destination the Boricua way. 

A movement born out of Puerto Rico — with insights, creative, and assets driven by Puerto Ricans — highlights the unmatched mindset and lively spirit of the Puerto Rican people.

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