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JetBlue Plane Headed For Puerto Rico Hits Empty Aircraft @ JFK Airport

JetBlue Plane Headed For Puerto Rico Hits Empty Aircraft @ JFK Airport

SAN JUAN — A JetBlue plane bound for Puerto Rico struck the tail of another company jetliner in the gate area at JFK Airport on Wednesday morning – just days after two planes almost collided on a runway.

The plane “came into light contact with a parked unoccupied aircraft during pushback,” JetBlue spokesman Derek Dombrowski told The Virgin Islands Free Press in an email.

“Flight 1603 returned to the gate, no injuries were reported, and the flight has been assigned to another aircraft. Safety is JetBlue’s first priority, and both aircraft involved will be taken out of service for inspection and the incident will be investigated,” he added.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement that “Flight 1603 struck the tail of a parked JetBlue aircraft while pushing back from the gate around 7 a.m. The flight was going to Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in San Juan,

The FAA said it will investigate.

The bump follows a scary incident at JFK on Friday the 13th, when two planes almost collided.

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 aborted its takeoff as an American Airlines plane crossed the runway.

The FAA said the two planes had passed within about 1,000 feet of each other.

Delta Flight 1943 returned to the gate and ordered its 145 passengers and six crew members off. It was rescheduled for the next morning and customers were given hotel rooms for the night.

American Flight 106 was bound for London Heathrow airport.  

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