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Social Security Announces Attorney Cap Fee Increase

Social Security Announces Attorney Cap Fee Increase

You may file your application for Social Security benefits on your own or, if you wish, hire a lawyer or representative. This decision is free and voluntary. If we approve your claim, you will pay the fees. If certain requirements are met, Social Security will deduct these fees from your possible retroactive benefits (if any). If this is not possible, Social Security will ultimately determine and notify the amount you must pay directly to your attorney or representative.

Social Security Administration Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi announced a change to the Attorney Fee Cap — the first in 13 years. The maximum dollar amount limit for fee agreements approved under the Social Security Act increased from $6,000 to $7,200.

Effective November 30, 2022, we may approve fee agreements up to the new dollar limit, provided that the agreements otherwise meet the statutory requirements.

If a fee agreement is not filed, a representative can submit a fee petition after completing work on your claim(s). We’ll review the value of your representative’s services—and let you know the fee your representative is authorized to charge and collect.

For more information, please read our publication, Your Right to Representation, at

For more information on Social Security, access, call 1-800-772-1213 or visit your local field office, which address is available at

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