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Mystery Goats Seen Wandering Loose In San Francisco

Mystery Goats Seen Wandering Loose In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — At least five goats were spotted running loose in the streets of San Francisco and the origins of the animals remain a mystery.

San Francisco’s Animal Care & Control confirmed a caller reported a gray goat running in traffic Wednesday, but the animal fled after being chased by witnesses.

A video posted to Reddit shows at least four goats running near the Rincon Hill Dog Park in the South Beach area while bystanders attempt to wrangle them. The footage shows the goats elude their pursuers and flee the area.

Twitter user Kayla E. Galloway posted a video showing a goat wandering loose down Folsom Street, near the Bay Bridge. The goat does not appear to be one of those from the Reddit footage.

Genevieve Church, executive director of nonprofit goat rental organization City Grazing, said the animals do not belong to her group, and she believes it unlikely that they escaped from a similar grazing service.

Church suggested the goats may have escaped on their way to slaughter. She said the breed of goat seen in the Reddit video is often used for meat.

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