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DAY OF THE DOLPHIN! Four Bottlenose Dolphins Arrive in St. Thomas From Arizona Desert

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Coral World Ocean Park welcomed four Atlantic bottlenose dolphins to their new home at Coral World’s new St. Thomas Sea Sanctuary at Water Bay in St. Thomas on Wednesday. The dolphins will participate in the Park’s programming designed to inspire guests to care for and protect the marine ecosystem. “After seven years […]

DAY OF THE DOLPHIN! Animal Rights Experts Say Planned Coral World ‘Dolphinarium’ Is Nothing More Than A ‘Dolphin Prison’ and Should Be Banned

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — People here are organizing against a “dolphinarium” proposed for Coral World on St. Thomas — what they call a “dolphin prison” with vast environmental impacts to nearby beaches from the food the mammals leave behind — and the feces they leave behind as well. Marie Bernard and others on Facebook have asked […]