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EPA Warns Limetree Bay That Its Shut Down Must Be Less Toxic Than Its Start Up

CHRISTIANSTED — The Environmental Protection Agency is pressuring owners of Limetree Bay oil refinery to get its approval for an orderly shutdown, calling into question the next steps for the process. Limetree Bay Energy refinery on St.Croix last week said it was preparing for an extended shutdown after failing to secure financing to continue a […]

Limetree: We Will Shut Down ‘Indefinitely’ Rather Than Install EPA’s Air Monitors

CHRISTIANSTED — Limetree Bay oil refinery on St. Croix announced today that it will remain shut down “indefinitely” after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered it to halt operations in May. In a statement today, Limetree Bay Energy said it has failed to find the necessary capital to restart the Limetree Bay Refinery since May 12, […]

Limetree Bay Refinery Must Install 18 Air Monitors To Resume Operating: EPA

CHRISTIANSTED — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring the troubled Limetree Bay refinery to install 18 air monitors in St. Croix after ordering the south shore plant to halt operations last month, the federal agency said today. The EPA ordered an emergency halt to refinery operations in May after a series of incidents polluted […]

Stock In Troubled Limetree Bay Refinery Now Rated As ‘Worthless,’ Disclosure Says

CHRISTIANSTED — U.S. private equity firm Arclight Capital Partners LLC, which invests the retirement savings of Maine teachers, NFL football players and Mayo Clinic doctors, lost hundreds of millions of dollars betting on a troubled St. Croix oil refinery, according to sources and documents reviewed by Reuters. Boston-based Arclight’s Energy Partners Fund VI, which held […]

Bryan Says Sulfuric Odor ‘Might Not’ Be Originating From Limetree Bay Refinery

CHRISTIANSTED — During the Government House weekly press briefing today, Governor Albert Bryan praised the Class of 2021 and praised the principals, administrators and the high school, UVI and Adult Education graduation committees for providing a memorable and safe experience for students even as the territory continues to fight the spread of COVID-19. “Quite frankly, […]

Limetree Bay Sets Up Car Wash, Water Distribution For People Affected By Flare

CHRISTIANSTED — Limetree Bay refinery set up an Event Response Center to aid members of the community who were impacted by the May 12, 2021 flare incident. “Car wash stations and water distribution is available for affected residents,” Limetree Bay said. The Event Response Center is located in the Limetree Bay parking lot on the […]

EPA Orders Limetree Bay To Shut Down For 60 Days, Putting Plant Restart In Peril

CHRISTIANSTED — U.S. regulators on Friday ordered the Limetree Bay refinery on St. Croix to cease operations for at least 60 days, throwing the multibillion-dollar overhaul of the massive plant into jeopardy. The south shore refinery has suffered several financial and operational setbacks since its private equity owners sought to restart the 1,500 acre facility […]

REFINERY FROM HELL! Limetree Bay Shuts Down After Spewing Oil On St. Croix Roofs

CHRISTIANSTED — Limetree Bay has suspended production and residents of Enfield Green in Frederiksted are being asked to disconnect their cisterns after the refinery sprayed more oil over homes, rendering area water unsafe to drink. New noxious odors began Wednesday around noon, a week after similar gases permeated the west end of St. Croix for […]

St. Croix Wants Answers From Limetree Bay Refinery, But Its Bigwigs Are Unseen, Mute

KINGSHILL — St. Croix residents are demanding answers from the Limetree Bay oil refinery, and from the officials regulating it, in the wake of a series of recent accidents that they worry have exposed them to toxic chemicals and endangered their health. Since restarting operations in February, Limetree Bay has experienced at least three accidents […]

VING, Fire Service HAZMAT Unit Conduct Air Quality Monitoring Inside Limetree Bay

CHRISTIANSTED — The Virgin Islands National Guard’s Civil Support Team (CST), in conjunction with the Virgin Island Fire Department’s HAZMAT unit, took its air quality monitoring and testing inside the Limetree Bay refinery Sunday after finding elevated levels of sulfur dioxide near the refinery on Saturday. The team spent more than four and a half […]